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C2GO Instructor Newsletter 16th March

Welcome to the C2GO
Newsletter on the 16th March 2017

WOW how Springy does it feel?

Lighter mornings, birds tweeting, light till gone 6pm
how much happier does EVERYONE feel ?

It’s seems to have been such a long winter….

It’s now coming into convention and event season with IFS this weekend, then 2 weeks later Women On Fire down in Brighton then my own Womens Wellness event
in Derbyshire, so lot’s going on health and fitness wise.

Do you need some motivation to get
that fire in your belly?

Watch my interview
with Jenny Burrell who seriously IS a
Women On Fire Click here

PAY….. Or Lack Of it?
Last week I asked about your pay….. and you
answered in your droves…….
There are over 76 comments on on the Choreographytogo Facebook page and it is SUCH an interesting thread.
Do have a read and add your comments.

It’s IFS Blackpool TODAY

I’ve just packed my case I think I’ve just about
got everything and after a busy day myself and Jayne
will be driving up the M6 to the UK’s favourite
fitness convention. I’ll be teaching FP, Brainfit
& Classic Hilo so do head over and say HELLO
and let’s get a selfie 🙂

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Wise Words From Sindy Matthews.

Sindy wrote this article a year ago and 12 months later
has now opened an extremely successful Wellness
And Health Studio in Banbury – SMart Fitness.

No one wants to listen anybody moaning, do they?

Well this morning I woke and felt awesome.
Until…… I got to the car and it wouldn’t start!

Then the messages began to come in that I needed to refund clients due to not being able to get to classes because of family commitments. Cancellation at the last minute!!!

The day did not start well for me!

So funds are really not as I would like this month.

My Grandad past away and the cost in fuel to visit him in hospital prior to his death left fund low.

Hubby started a new job and has taken a pay decrease!

BUT! I’m really feeling positive. This feeling of fear of having no money this month is temporary!

I know that I could make money today if I wanted to, to replenish the money I now need to refund.

I worked 10 years in Procurement!

Felt like I never really belonged in this role. I was just acting!
I have a degree in Performing Arts.

Why was I working in Procurement?!!

I LOVED fitness and jumping around like an idiot!

I’m an exhibitionist! Who loves to make people smile and laugh and feel good about themselves!!!

We all have choices.

We can dwell, and keep this fear with us and just wallow in a pity party for one.

Or we can get up and say ‘Hey! I’m not going down. I didn’t wait 10 years life to give up because of a few minor problems.’

Everyone has problems, a story to tell. A damn sight more of a sob story than mine. But when it’s your issue and not someone elses, it always seems worse, doesn’t it?!!

My advice, talk to a friend, family member, offload!

Listen to an inspiring audio/video on YouTube
Do Yoga/Pilates
Go for a walk and stick your favourite playlist on
Get lost in something that makes your soul sing!
Do this before you answer any emails, texts etc…

Put yourself first!

It’s not selfish, do the work on you and your view of the world changes.

I follow:

Brendan Buchard
Gabi Berstein
Louise Hay
Wayne Dyer

This is just a few.

Find what works for you!

I listen to them on audio book or on YouTube when I’m preparing food or cleaning my house.
I meditate for a short while each day.
Show up and do your work on you and these shite times will pass through you.
Believe in yourself!!!

Your flipping AWESOME!!!!

Follow Sindy on Social Media

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Does it have your current & correct timet
able on it ?
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Importantly is your website compatible with mobile viewing ? This is crucial as +90% of users nowadays use their mobiles to browse the internet
Is your website TOO BUSY ?? Too much text turns people off they haven’t got time to be reading lengthy paragraphs, they want short sharp clear information at the touch of a button.
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Everything Must Change….Nothing Stays The Same…!!
by Andrew Crawford
Everything changes.
The young becomes the old.
Winter will soon turn into Spring. I can’t wait for that season change.
The clocks will change by springing forward one hour and it will be all teddy bears and fluffy bunnies..!!
Also, I have some change to give away to the first person to text me the name of the Artist who sang the song title ‘Everything Must Change’..I’ll give away £20 (text your answer to 07759749067) ..hurry because some readers may have skipped this paragraph this morning..!!

So Andrew…………..
What has change got to do with Accountancy & Tax?
Well…….last week saw a Change in the budget….today we saw a Change to that Change…..
You must already be familiar with these particular Changes…some may affect you
The first was the Dividend Allowance

Although they had already reduced this in 2016 down to £5,000, I was very surprised with the further reduction to £2,000 applicable from 2018. This measure is aimed at director shareholders.

This really is to squeeze more tax from Directors taking a dividend instead of a salary. They are effectively getting penalised.

The next concerned changes to the national insurance paid by the Self-employment.

As stated in an earlier article, the abolition of Class 2 NIC will still go ahead in April 2018. You may have found that HMRC stopped your direct debits back in 2016. They now intend to take this at the year end with the other taxes.
Now the other part to this story concerned the proposed increase in Class 4 to 10% in 2018 and 11% in 2019.
As of today, they have done a complete turnaround. The NIC Class 4 change is no longer going to happen.
This was intended to reduce the gap between employed and self-employed. I wonder what will happen now. If they have based the budget on raising additional tax through national insurance, then the budget is wrong now….how are they gonna fix it. Watch this space.
The last major thing was the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD)

Again….I did mention this in an earlier article.
This is where businesses with turnover below the VAT registration threshold will be required to submit quarterly reporting
This is now postponed until April 2019. This gives these businesses more time to prepare.
Again…..Quarterly Reporting….!!!!
What does that mean Andrew? Submitting quarterly Tax Returns

Get ready…!!
Oh…..and if that isn’t bad, did I mention that the HMRC has now been granted DIRECT ACCESS to your bank accounts???
Did I not mention that??
So if you owe tax (£1,000 or more) they can take it from your bank account.
It is also being given the power to freeze all but £5,000 of your assets and the legislation also includes any funds held in your cash ISAs.
HMRC will only be allowed to access accounts which contain £5,000 or more and must leave a minimum of £5,000 behind across all of the debtors’ accounts.
Watch this space.
Well it’s that time of year again…the annual International Fitness Showcase aka IFS in Blackpool opens it’s doors to the punters today.
I will be there in my ‘office’ (in the corridor) meeting & greeting, shaking hands & kissing babies from tomorrow.
If you have any questions, come and say ‘hello’ then let’s sit and have a cake, coffee & chat.
Oh…..I nearly forgot…
I decided to launch one of my latest projects on Friday. Check it out here:
You’ll hear more about this during the year.
Have a great day out there…..Go and make someone’s day..!!
Everything must change, nothing stays the same.
Andrew James Crawford
Have A Great Thursday

Love Rachel xxx

Instagram Rachel L Holmes


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