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HOT Fitness Pilates

NOW AVAILABLE For The First Time
for 10 Instructors at the special price
of £97 + VAT + postage for training DVD

ONLY £97 + VAT + POSTAGE for Qualified Fitness Instructors 

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About the online training written by Rachel Holmes & Kelly Reed-Banks:



Hot Fitness Pilates encompasses the principles of Pilates, the benefits of working with heat and the dynamics of Sport and Dance to produce a fusion of 3 dimensional functional movements for the 21st century.



Hot Fitness Pilates has integrated the 5 phases of Hot FP which looks like this –


Phase 2 – BALANCE
Phase 3 – STRENGTH
Phase 4 – CORE



We have created this very unique  course for any Instructor holding a Pilates Qualification.



The course will take you through, in detail each phase of your class giving you both the theory and choreography ideas to make your class safe & effective for the participants you are teaching.

We will be coaching you through the benefits of working with heat, plus giving you as an instructor the preparation to not only working in heat but also teaching in heat.



All classes must be taught in the correct HOT studio’s so you might want to do a bit of market research in your area to track down HOT Studios where you can teach once you have completed the course.



Hot Yoga & Bikram Yoga have been around for a while now and people are enjoying the benefits of exercising with heat.


Fitness Pilates goes to the next level and not only will your participants enjoy the traditional benefits of Fitness Pilates but also heat helps the muscles to get into postures more deeply and effectively. The heat allows for great range of movement in joints, muscles, and ligaments.



When exercising in heat it’s obvious you will sweat more, sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin.


Sweating has proven its effectiveness in flushing out toxins and maintaining optimal physical as well as mental health. Sweating helps the body cleanse itself and clears bacteria out of the skin.

The process of sweating helps improve circulation and gives the skin a fresh look and feel.


Like thousands before you, you will find that practicing Hot Pilates in the warm room creates a satisfying and almost addictive feeling of achievement.





Upon registering you will be emailed the PDF HOT FITNESS PILATES MANUAL and the training

DVD will be sent in the post to you. 





How Do You Get Assessed


In order for you to obtain your HOT Fitness Pilates Certification, you will be required to complete the following:


• Complete the open book exam within this manual 

• Complete a beginner & intermediate/ advanced session plan for 1 class (a template for both sessions are supplied in your manual) 

• Film yourself teaching phase 1 plus 1 other phase of your choice (this can be a live class or you just teaching to camera)



Once completed please send everything to –

Kelly Reed-Banks


Or email – Kelly@choreographytogo.com



You are required to complete all sections within 6 months of enrolment of the course. If you require an extension this is chargeable at £15 per month after deadline date – please contact Lesley@choreographytogo.com to agree your extension.




HOT Classes are constantly growing in popularity and

there are many HOT studios around the UK.


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Don’t forget to claim your funding from Sport England.
You can get 50% of your course FUNDED
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