The Brain Fit Workout Instructors



The Brain Fit Workout is the new concept from Creator Rachel Holmes featuring mindful meditation and movement in an uplifting and positive workout class.

Accredited by NASM and AFFA


Introducing your Brain Fit Workout Instructors:

(updated 22/11/16)

First name Surname Area
Adele Fraser
Adriana Potts
Alice Milner
Alison Mallett
Alison Goodchild
Alyson Moules
Anne Little Holmfirth, Huddersfield
Annette Brown
Bridgette Bishop
Bronia Warden
Candice Faqir
Carol Mead
Cat Lawford Hay on Wye/ Powys, Herefordshire
Cheryl Gooch Clayton Le Woods near Chorley
Claire Lewis
Claudine Blake
Collette Purcell
Debbie Knight
Donna Fewster-Jones Deeside Flintshire/Chester
Donna Eccleston
Donna Adams Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Elizabeth Wilson
Freda Macdonald North Wales, Conwy and Anglesey
Heather Pring
Helen Warner
Ileen Bannerman
Jackie Daly
Jilly Bromage
Joanne Beardmore-Dilks
John Kelly
Julie Brown
Julieanne Kay Tameside
Kate Lloyd
Kath Routledge Basingstoke
Kim Rogose
Kim Jenkins West Midlands
Linda Allison
Lindsey Allen
Lindsey Peters Welwyn Garden City, Hertford,Ware
Lisa Lamb
Lisa Stone
Lorna Watson
Lucy Pollard
Madeine Withers Banbury, Oxfordshire
Maggie Hardwick
Marie Johns
Miranda Menzies Kettering and Corby Northamptonshire
Natasha Murray London Borough of Merton
Nicky Dean
Nicola Carless Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Nina Lodge
Paula Thompson
Rachel Milligan
Rebecca Hadlington
Rebekah Barton
Ros White
Sally Frampton Wells, Somerset
Samantha Coombs
Sandra Holbrow
Sandra Harnett St Alban, Harpenden and Hemel Hempsted
Sarah Buscemi
Sarah Hogan Lincoln
Sarah Shipp North Leeds
Tara Booth
Tara Millar
Teresa Lander
Theresa Bateman
Tracey Telfer West Cumbria
Tracy Harrison
Trudie Grout
Victoria Readings
Wendy Cox
Wendy Fell
Alison Stevens Waterlooville and Chichester
Annette Mundy Worthing West Sussex
Carol Wickes
Claire Wakeford
Debbie Bailey
Debbie Jones
Helena Housego
Jenny Prowse
Julie Cumner Botley, Hedge End Southampton
Karen Shilton Bournemouth
Katrina Woodley
Kirsty Ede
Lynn Hampshire Storrington, West Sussex
Magda Kalfas-Gaca
Michaela Cawley
Rachel Cozens
Tanya Grant
Vanessa Barrow
Liz Wilson Northumberland and Tyneside
Caroline Jackson Lanarkshire and Glasgow
Jillian Bryce Lanarkshire and Glasgow
Tori Jones Ashford
Claire Garrard
Sue Taylor
Joanne Truman
Kelly Mulholland
Sarah Young
Linda Gladdon
Karen Smith
Jane Ardley
Janice Tweed
Claire Hilton
Helen Barness
Julie Monk
Sally Sinclair
Elaine Wright
Carolyn Ridley
Lynn Dicken
Valerie Elliott
Suzanne Stammers
Sally-Anne Maxwell
Joanne Kall
Julie Wheeler
Vicky Boarer
Paris Robinson-Lecky
Tina Adlam
Chris Tuck
Helen Tosdevin
Kate Taylor
Yasmine Said
Melissa Tarver
Liz Lane Lane
Jenny Davidson
Lynda Loakes
Natalie Hill
Josie Afridi
Kathy Marriott
Helen James
Jane Meer
Harrinder Sahota
Elizabeth Dougall
Kirsty Trapp
Judy Dyer
Katie Watson
Louisa Ingleson
Donna Maclean
Andrea Riddoch
Suzanne Furey
Helen Howard-Mawer
Helen Ainger
Charlotte Wheeler
Andrea Gaynor
Denise Branford
Emma-Jane Clark
Heather Steer
Helen Pybus
Helen Marsh
Jane Butcher
Jay Banks
Judith Barrass
Julia Berg
Karen Naldrett
Lisa Smith
Margot Needham
Michaela Cawley
Sally Guise
Sam Godfrey
Sarah Jane Smith
Tracey Amis
Victoria Jones

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