Kick Start Fat Loss Franchise Business Opportunity 2018

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Do you share my vision?



YES….. it’s time to seize the opportunity and join
Kick Start Fat Loss™.

If you are seriously considering investing in a Kick Start Fat Loss™ Franchise

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Due to the success and rapid expansion of The  Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee Business the current cost of the franchisee is

£2997 + VAT initial cost

£127 + Vat monthly management fee which includes daily business coaching

The business is established and growing quickly.





This includes setting up your LIVE Diet and Fitness Classes, Online Programmes and Detoxes, 1 – 2 – 1 Online Nutritional Coaching.

Kick Start Fat Loss™ is the full package you need to set up and finally give the British Public a REAL alternative.

Empower and Educate people instead of locking them down into the diet club hell of calorie counting and old fashioned outdated “weight loss” information.

It’s not 1971- Kick Start Fat Loss ™ is moving the whole industry on.


Are you coming with me?



What is in included in the full Kick Start Fat Loss™ Business Package?

1. 1 x Postcode area of your choice – (Pending availability)
You can set up as many classes in this areas AND sublet or employ other teachers to teach Kick Start Fat Loss for you.

2. With your LIVE Classes full online support packages in Fitness Pilates, Wellness,  Beginners, Post Natal and 12 month
continuation package.

3. Train to teach Fitness Pilates and offer Kick Start Fat Loss with Fitness Pilates Live classes.

4. Teach Kick Start Fat Loss in local workplaces within your postcode area.

5. After 12 weeks add in 10 ONLINE Kick Start Fat Loss Programmes to increase your reach and income.

6. Daily business coaching and mentoring from Rachel Holmes
Full coaching days, weekly business webinars, weekly strategy calls and constantly help with marketing, PR, promotion and updates.

7. Annual KSFL conference  and quarterly Franchisee Away Days
All included at no additional cost to you

8. National PR and marketing campaigns showcasing your classes and business.

9. Daily support and motivation from Kick Start Fat Loss
Business Development Team.

10. Daily Graphics, artwork, digital advertising, features in the Kick Start Digital Magazine.

11.Ongoing Training in Business, Marketing, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching.


If so you are going to have to move quickly now I have a full 5 year plan in place and we are moving fast.



Here are some of our Kick Start Fat Loss™ Franchise Business Owners




If this excites you and you are passionate in providing the general public with the latest and most up to date information come and join the KSFL revolution.

What is a Kick Start Fat Loss™ Franchise?

The KSFL® Franchise Business is set up like any other franchise, which means you choose an available postcode. This is your territory where you will be able to set up as many classes as you choose within this area.

Once you have chosen and purchased your desired postcode we will begin training via the online KSFL® Franchisee training website.

You will go through KSFL® nutrition, Stage 1 Stage 2 and Stage 3 marketing, attend weekly webinars and I will coach and mentor you to teach the KSFL® model on a weekly basis.

The training is exceptionally thorough and I hold weekly live training webinars to keep you motivated and on top of the whole business.


How do you choose the best postcode for you?

Look for areas where you can get the best community venues or where you already have established classes.


Low Entry Franchise Business Opportunity

Many other Fitness Franchisee Business packages are in excess of £27,000 which is why KSFL® is such amazing value.

You are benefiting from my 28 years in the fitness industry running an incredibly successful business.

Kick Start Fat Loss™ is now a tried and tested product and the brand is growing in popularity on a daily basis.

KSFL® has been featured in Mirror, The Sun, Huffington Post, Women Magazine, Daily Mail, Best, Bella, Take a Break, Work Out Magazine, Nottingham Evening Post, Irish Times and media across the UK.



The KSFL® Format

As with any franchisee you teach a set format, use KSFL branding, flyers, leaflets, marketing, music, workouts, clothing and promotion. I teach you how to use social media to effectively build you and your business PLUS you are able to train other Instructors (sub contractors) to teach in your postcode area.You train to deliver the KSFL® nutrition, talks and, of course, the 30minute class itself which changes and updates every week.

Think of other national franchisees that you know and recognise such as Starbucks, Costa, McDonalds, Nandos, Pizza Express, the list goes on.

This uniformity enables you to benefit from a strong brand and is scalable, so you as the franchisee owner can step back and manage other Instructors to teach your clubs within your postcode.

You will be joining a thoroughly positive, productive and proactive team who are committed to revolutionising the lifestyle club and workout market.

You follow the KSFL Blueprint, systems and strategies and your business will be successful.

I have beautiful printed Kick Start Fat Loss manuals and handbooks plus weekly digital posters for you to use on Social Media to promote your sessions

KSFL_Maintenance Manual-1 front cover jpg KSFL_Detox_Book-1 front cover jpgCustomerHandbook_v2 copy

I totally understand the power of social media and exactly how to help you sell your classes successfully using Facebook Twitter Instagram and Youtube

As a franchisee you get weekly posters, marketing, business coaching and daily training from me personally.




Kick Start Fat Loss Additional Programmes – Do you want to operate Kick Start Fat Loss ONLINE this is an optional bolt on programme.

You are able to run your live classes plus KSFL Online plus Online programmes, Detox and and corporate KSFL working with national companies getting the work force and staff members fit, slim and healthy.

Its an action packed package and I need positive, driven entrepreneurs who can see the potential of the brand and the products we offer.




What Makes a Great KSFL Franchisee – Kick Start Fat Loss is a BUSINESS not just a class.


What is the Potential?

Once you have purchased a postcode you will be able to employ other trainers to teach your KSFL franchisee.

We have constructed a full training module on employing other trainers including contracts and pay scales enabling you to grow your business.

Working Smarter Not harder.

Creating a strong sustainable and scalable business.



Earning Potential




Not Fitness Trained or Qualified?

This is not a problem as I am looking for committed entrepreneurs who really want to own their own business, are super passionate about Kick Start Fat Loss, and helping people lead happier healthier.

I can give you full training and get you up and running in 3 months.




KSFL Unique Selling Point and How It Differs from Other Diet and Fitness Clubs

What else do you get as a KSFL® Franchisee

Kick Start SLIM

Our brand new specialist programme that is a meeting without the exercise.


Kick Start Corporate

Slim and Executive are additional programmes aimed at different demographics and markets.

Slim is a 30 – 45 minute talk and results tracker with no workout. A full online home workout membership is included for every member who prefer to workout at home.



PLUS NEW BOLT on Programmes for Franchisees KSFL Kettlebells, KSFL Stretch KSFL Tone KSFL Stability Ball

Image 3 Image 17 Image 18 Image 19 Image 17

You can mix and match your programmes and offer multiple packages for your market.

Keep it fresh and exciting!



The Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee Business £2997 + VAT  Click here to Pay

All Credit Cards & Pay Pal accepted

What is Included in the Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee Business

KSFL Franchise Fees

The initial prices below are up to date for 1 postcodes. You can teach unlimited amounts of class and employe other Instructors to sub Contract for you within your postcode.

Franchisee Fee + Monthly Management Fee

The Initial Franchisee Fee is £2997 + VAT

The Monthly Management fee is £127+VAT- This covers ongoing training, motivation, weekly webinars, updates, mentoring and support

I personally coach and mentor you on a weekly basis preparing you and training you to start your KSFL Classes. The initial training is 10 weeks but if you are prepared to work harder then you can get through the online training more quickly.

We will work together on:

Are you ready to join?

Email with the following details:


The Kick Start Fat Loss™ Train is moving fast jump on board before it goes without you.



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