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The Ground Breaking JumpStart Your Online Fitness Business Programme with Rachel Holmes

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I know many of you are all trying to build an online Fitness business.

Its an email I get every day from Fitpros and a discussion we have in my coaching group all the time.

Is this how you would like your working week to look like?
Not teaching as many classes…..Only teaching the classes you really love….Waking up to find out you have sold 15 of the online fitness course you created on your website…….Not having to drive all the way over town in rush hour to make your 6pm classes every night…..Selling your ebook, Online coaching courses courses, Your super successful online fatloss….Spend quality time creating quality products to help your market and customers?

Is this the kind of  Fitness Business you dream of creating?

Start NOW and  build up your portfolio of online products and programs, so by this time next year your online income is equaling the amount you make offline ensuring you are not a prisoner to teaching the same classes week after week after week.

Whats is holding you back from being a Fitness Entrepreneur?

Is confidence and self belief an issue and holding your back from creating an Online Fitness Business….YES…. I will massively address this in video 1 of my unique program.

You don’t have to be techy or have amazing pc skills as my webinars will show you exactly how to build your brand, create online products and attract the right market.

Does this sound attractive to you?

Once registered you will get an email from me directing you to an online webinar and notes containing awesome information to teach you how to get your fitness business online. You can connect with me personally as I will be checking in with you and monitoring your progress as you go

The Jumpstart will be incredible and filled with information that you can use immediately apply to your business.

Topics I will cover:

  1. Goal Setting, Confidence and Self Belief
  2. Proritise cleverly
  3. Who the hell is your customer
  4. Who will buy your products
  5. Time Management – Get rid of low paid tasks,classes and clients.MAKE ROOM
  6. Get Systems Sorted. Today.
  7. Eat That Frog – Daily.
  8. Blog Blog Blog – Blah Blah Blah
  9. VLOG
  10. Prioritize your PLATFORMS (Social Media)
  11. Fine Tune your Writing Skills.
  12. Create – Product
  13. Create – Coaching
  14. Create – Programm
  15. Online Audios
  16. Online Video
  17. Ebooks. Kindles and ipads.
  18. Branding & Packaging.
  19. Unabashed Guide to Self Promotion – Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat.

Cost is £47.00

Look at these brilliant testimonials of Instructors who have taken the Jumpstart with me.

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