ONLINE Aqua Workshop With Kelly

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AQUA ONLINE Workshop Series 1 

Kelly takes you through a multitude of choreography ideas and formats for your classes.

ALL The videos are filmed WITHOUT a pool. Demonstrating teaching from the pool side.

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•Kelly Workshop 1 Aqua Maniacs

Kelly goes through ideas to use with a woggle and choreography concepts for your all abilities

Aqua classes.

Ideas for demonstrating and putting combinations and moves together.


•Workshop 2 Functional Aqua with mini balls

Have you tried using  mini balls in your Aqua classes?

Kelly has some super innovative functional exercises and routines for all abilities

•Workshops 3 Deep water 

Kelly demonstrates ideas to incorporate into your deep water workouts.

•Workshop 4  Aqualates 

A relaxing mix of the Yoga & Pilates style movements



-A Workshop Manual
-A C2go / Aqua Certificate of Attendance ( Please Note This is not a Qualification)

And its all on the

C2GO Workshop Membership Website
which is a super cool site with all your content
sitting on one place.

No Downloading & saving big files to your memory.

All of the workshop is there when you log in.

Watch everything on your iphone,

ipad, laptop, desk top or Smart TV

Click here to Order and get instant access £27 + VAT

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