AT LAST!!!!!

My new Choreographytogo site is ready for testing! So, I am offering it to you for testing as an advanced member for this evening. Ill be adding new videos and new articles so keep cheking back if you are around. If you can also leave comments on the BLOG posts as well so I can still it all works.

Can you log in and check your account is all working and download some videos if possible. I’ll be adding more new ones in the next hour.

I need to see if there are any problems or glitches and of course I would LOVE your feedback.

The new site is on a test url so please go to:

As an advanced member you can now get 10% discount on EVERYTHING  you purchase from here on.

You will have a code that you can use in the shopping cart, if you book a workshop, a training course or purchase a DVD.Plus of course your monthly tokens will still be uploaded on 1st of every month as normal.

Unfortunately, I cant give you a refund on anything you have recently purchased but everything going forward you will be eligible to 10% off.

To get your discount code please go to the this link

OK, I will be so grateful if you can log in and have a look around and email me ANY feedback you have, I am here all evening will be uploading new videos and downloads.

Please use my personal email

Let me know what you think.

Cheers Rachel xxxx

Have a great evening and please feedback via here or email directly


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