One of my favourite speakers at FEB was Nick Nanton. He’s a fast talking, hard hitting celebrity lawyer with bags of charisma, charm and intellect and if you blink for one second you’ll miss an avalanche of gold mine information. He delivers his brilliant content so fast you can’t write it down quick enough. Idea after Idea after idea comes at you machine gun style.

I made 7 pages of notes from his 1 hour presentation alone.
Here are quick fire points I picked up from Nick and have already put these into practice. I hope this inspires you as much as Nick inspired me 🙂 Thanks Nick
1. When launching a new fitness class, service or product, Build buzz around it pre launch, use social media, local media, blogs, articles, national press.
2. Do press releases  at least once a fortnight. Watch news stories and see if you can hook into national events.
e.g  Pippa Middleton attends Pilates, and Mary Portas is looking for ideas for the High Street, are all recent stories that you could hook into.  Can you spin a fitness storey around these type of events that the media could hook onto?
3. Press Release everything you do : A convention you attend, A new service or product you are bringing out, Quotes on the latest fitness, diet, exercise trends. Push your press releases to national media, local media, social media, article syndication sites and make sure you Blog and Vlog about it.
4. Be consistent and persistent. Keep building your brand and your profile.
5. Article writing is never wasted, recycle for Tweets, Status Updates on Facebook and use in your Blog.
6. Be in control of your position in the industry. Where are you and what does your position look like.
7. Two  ways to become an expert in your fitness niche: Become a public speaker and/or write a book. Instant credibility.
8. You have to become a shameless self promoter to cut through the noise and get your message noted and heard.
9. Are you developing your brand every day? Make time for Blogging, Articles, Updates and Vlogging. Create a buzz, Be the Sizzle!
10.If you don’t brand yourself  your customers will brand you themselves. Take charge of your brand and how your are perceived.
11.If you want to get in the National Fitness Media are you sending press releases to all of the fitness magazines regularly?
12. In all fitness marketing your customers have to know you before they buy from you. Promote your personality and USP
I could keep going on and on. I’ll tweet more branding info so be sure to follow me for regular updates.

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