Good Morning All

I am just posting this quick blog before I head back to Birmingham for Day 3 of the F E B event and I’ve got to tell you how absolutely fantastic it has been. I didn’t realise till I arrived on Friday how jaded I was, I’ve had tunnel vision over the last few months trying to get the new Choreographytogo up  and I’d lost track of where my business is going.

I have it completely crystallised now thanks to the most inspiring presentations by Paul Mort, Jon Le Tocq, Charlotte Ord, Tim Goodwin and Michael Heppell. But Dax Moy, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove just hit my G Spot ( you had to be there!) I was mesmerized by the talk Dax gave – if you dont follow Dax or on his list then jump on right away he IS one of the most knowledgeable people in Fitness and I have learnt so much from him this weekend.

It was a long day packed full of tip top information and after this line of illustrious speakers I was on last. I went through a roller coaster of emotions, running my presentations over and over in my mind before I began. When it was my turn I jumped up and went for it. I spoke on membership sites and your online business and LOVED IT. I spoke form the heart and gave as much tangible information on the subject as I could. I will have the slides up in the next few days and will be running a webinar on this subject

I’m of now to listen to Nick Nanton, Alwyn Cosgrove and MR X I’ll do a full blog and bring you all my interviews later this evening.

Have a great Sunday whatever you are up to

Love and Hugs

Rachel xx


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