Hi Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the new site? Let me know what you think and of course if you find any gremlins of problems please email me so I can fix them.

Yesterday so many of you emailed me about the Forum and when or if was coming back to the new site. Well, you can now find it under the MY C2Go drop down menu. It so HUGE that its taken days to move it and transfer all of the files over to the new server.

I didnt realise how many of you use the forum so much, even if you don’t post I now know a massive amount of you read it and get information from over there.

Over the course of the day my Youtube channel will become integrated over here as well and I’ll be doing loads of VLOGS (Video Blogs) with info and updates. If you have a YOUTUBE channel then please connect as friends I am http://www.youtube.com/user/RachelLHolmes If you have any choreography videos or workouts on your YouTube channel then I will be able to feature them here on Choreographytogo in the future.

After I have finished teaching this morning I’ll be updating and blogging all day so do keep checking back, PLUS Jo Parry and I have filmed some team teach downloads in Dance Tone and Step and if I get time to edit them today Ill have those up as download. I’ve got advanced HiLo this morning so I’m still teaching the Summer Smashes routine and Aqua so I will be back later with more “stuff”

Have a great day


Rachel xxx


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