Whats T.A.T

T = Take

A =Action

T = Today

On my travels around the UK presenting, I see hundreds of BRILLIANT Instructors. They continue to upskill their knowledge and education, they get motivated and fired up coming on courses and workshops, they teach busy classes, read the newsletter etc and I know HOW much many of these same Instructors want to create a passive income to compliment their off line fitness business, want to write a BLOG, set up a website, employ other teachers…the list goes on and on.

SO My question is….

What’s stopping you right now?

There has never been a better time to go after your dreams and goals. The Fitness Industry is moving fast with a million opportunities and there is never a right time to Take Action. You can always find a barrier to put up, if you want to…..


Wait for your little ones to go to school…Wait till the Summer is over…Wait till you’ve been on holiday….Wait for your partner to like your idea……Wait,Wait,Wait


1. Make a plan.

2. Write your ideas down to the last detail.

3. Write down the things about your project you dont know and think of someone who can help you. Google it, you can find the answers to everything on Google!

4. Do your research and ensure you have a market for your product, website, class etc.

5.Set a Deadline.

6. Take Action Today

I promise, do these simple steps now as you read this blog and make a start. I promise you wont look back.

Take Action Today


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