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Like most if us I spend untold hours in my car. Especially now as I am back on tour, so I love listening to audio books especially self help and business books. I always listen to them first on audio and if I like them buy the hard copy and make notes in them. All of my hard copy books have neon scribbles in them and underlining with post it notes sticking out of inspiring chapters.

Most of the great self help and business gurus all advise this so its really nothing new but are YOU doing? Even if you spend 30 minutes per day each way day to a class. Then that’s an hour a day, 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month and more than 200 hours per year. Of course, we all probably spend much more time in our cars than that so you can listen to so much more.

On the drive to Manchester and London I listened to Michael Heppells Flip It book. I saw Michael at FEB and I loved his presentation the book is fab with loads of interesting information PLUS I love Michaels Geordie accent!

Here is this week Top audio books you can get all of these from itunes or

1.Flip It by Michael Heppell

2.Tim Ferris The 4 hour Body and The 4 hour Work Week (This book changed my life)

3.Brian Tracy – (I am a massive BT fan and love all of his books) – Change your thinking. Also, Goalsetting, Eat That Frog – Are all inspirational and brilliant books.

4.Seth Godin – Tribes ( All Seth Godin audios and his Blog is brill!)


For motivation before a presentation I pick a quick chapter from

1. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

2.The Success Principals by Jack Canfield

After listening to your books ensure you make notes and take action. Decide which bits of this new information you are going to act upon. Make a plan and move forward with it!

What are you fav audio books? You can tweet me and we can have a book sharing day on Twitter 🙂

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