Today is a Key day for me and the first thing on my todo list is to take a critical  look at Choreographytogo. I’ve taken of my sentimental glasses and I’m having a cold, hard look at my business and working week.

I hope this blog posts inspires you to do the same.

1. Toxic Classes

I’ve just dumped another Toxic class, yes, I know, I rattle on to everyone about dumping Toxic classes yet I always seem to be holding on to one.


No idea, its a class that bring me no joy at all, and now its gone, Hurrah!

I have a few extra hours on a Wednesday to work on my top priority projects.

I’ve whittled down my weekly classes from 34 per week 5 years ago now to 7. I  look forward to teaching every, single,class and am full of energy and motivation for all of them and I have much more time to spend working on Choreographytogo and pushing the business forward.

Are you still harbouring Toxic Classes? Get rid of them.

I promise you as soon as they go, a new door will open and you can work on BIG projects that will bring your closer to your goals. Toxic classes take your further away from important goals,  drain your creativity and inspiration so much, it takes hours to recover.


2.SWOT Analysis – SWOT is from Marketing 101 its been around for a million years. Its nothing new, but its still WORKS so ensure you apply this periodically to your fitness business.

Strengths – What are the Strengths of your business? What do you earn the most money from doing? – Do more of that!

Weaknesses – What are the weak links in your fitness business? – What takes ages and offers the smallest compensation? – Do less of that!

Opportunities –  Where can you take your business next. It’s never been a more exciting time to be in the fitness industry, there are SO many amazing opportunities. Create a membership site, Sell fitness fitness products online, write a recipe book, Become a speaker or presenter, Employ other Instructors, Open a studio, Create your own programme…..With the explosion of the internet and social media you CAN do whatever you dream of.

Threats – What is threatening your business? Is there a part of your business that needs to evolve or has the market changed? Analysis it, work on a strategy and move on.


3.”Lets Make a Plan”

My friend Ceri Hannon says this and it always makes me smile. Ok then, “Lets Make a plan!” What is your biggest goal right now?

a. Write a detailed plan of your idea. Be as specific as possible, break every single step down point by point.

b. Give it a deadline and a timeline. Try not to let anything stand in your way and adhere to that deadline as if your life depends on it.

c. Take action NOW. If you are feeling inspired after reading this then there is no time like the presence, use this inspired thought and take action while you feel in the mood.

As the brilliant Napolean Hill said in the book Think and Grow Rich “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”


4. “The Hot Fitness Market” – A few ideas

Most C2Go’ers email me and say that would like to teach a little less (but not stop!) and create an ONLINE business like I have done with Choreographytogo.

C2go compliments my offline business which is teaching, presenting and speaking. There is NO reason why you cant take my model and do something similar, you don’t have to aim it at Instructors it could be aimed at your local clientele and your niche.

a. Build your Tribe – Use a weekly newsletter, blog posts, social media to build a group who are interested in you and what you offer.

b. Create online products that compliment your offline business – Workouts, Recipe ebooks, 21 day challenges etc

c. S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself. Use video and web cams to make VLOGs, practice public speaking and post your videos. Get comfortable in front of the camera, if your aim is to do more online you need to promote your personal brand online. Put a face and voice behind your website and Facebook posts.

I hope todays Blog posts inpires you to day.

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Have a fantastic day

Love Rachel x

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