I held the final Fitness Business Seminar yesterday in Birmingham and I don’t think every been as enthused about a project.

Which is why I’m typing this blog post super fast as I feel so excited about the possibilities ahead for all the attendees  and me personally.

Back in July when I planned the 5 date tour I really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure who would book on or the kind of interest I would have.

This business building day would be something so very different to any  other tour I have organised and presented before.

I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about and how I would deliver it, plus I’ve “lived” the topics inside out and super confident about my material and thus was very enthusiastic about presenting it.

Firstly, I have to shout out to Premier Inns and their conference and meeting rooms facilities, they were just awesome. Health clubs could really use taking  tips from the Premier Inn conference team, they are slick, organised and totally customer service orientated. Two phone calls and I booked all 5 dates, barted the room hire right down , arranged refreshments, free parking, projector and screen.

Booked on to all the dates were  Group X Instructors, Personal Trainers and Bootcamper Instructors at various career -new Instructors starting out in the Fitness Industry to Veterans running established businesses employing trainers and hiring staff.

The mix was brilliant.

I couldn’t of hoped for anything better.

It was amazing to meet everyone and find out the goals, aspirations and dreams and of course, work out a plan to move forward.

The day covered:

ü     Business Basics – Getting your systems in place.

ü     Reviewing all of your costs and outgoing.

ü     Social Media – How to use it effectively and time efficiently to attract new business.

ü     Networking – Online and Offline.

ü     Fitness Business Ideas and Brainstorming

ü     Creating the best Fitness Blogs

ü     Vlogging and video

ü     Creating online videos and DVD creation

ü     Webinars

ü     Time Management – How to get it all done and have a life.

ü     Article writing.

Hot topics that you need to know about to move forward with your business.

By the end of every session you could literally feel the excitement, motivation and vibes and the energy in the room could light up the whole of the UK.

We were all so charged up and eager!

I am immensely looking forward to the groups  progression over the coming weeks and months and I would like to say, whole heartedly a massive Thank You.

I am so excited for 2012 and the endless possibilities open to all of us in Fitness.

Thank you for inspiring me.

I’ll be back with The Fitness Business Summit in 2012.

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