5 Ultimate Fat Loss Tips from KSFL by Rachel Holmes

There is SO much conflicting info around about fatloss and weightloss and, of course, we are BOMBARDED daily by the media hyping up food, products and supplements that even as Fitpros we can become confused and unsure of the right advice to give.

It’s time to start smashing a few myths and thinking outside the box. The old skool teachings of  calories in versus calories out is just that, old skool, and we have so much more amazing research and information at our fingertips.

On the Kick Start Fat Loss 2012 my goal has been to do just that and smash through perceptions, deep seated beliefs and take the group though a whole new fat loss journey and pathway. KSFL2012 is an experience that will really rock your nutritional and fat loss beliefs. Balancing hormones and Blood sugar levels is the key to effective fat loss and weight maintenance.





1. Ditch Breakfast Cereals – This is the hardest myth to smash. A bowel of cereal , skimmed milk toast and margarine, coffee and banana is a common breakfast for fitpros. Even what you would deem a “good cereal” is low in protein. Eating this type of breakfast will trigger a big insulin response, elevate serotonin and you end up feeling low and sluggish and starving 2/3 hours later. Couple this with you teaching a couple of classes in between and your mind and body start to struggle. For breakfast eating protein is key, which will keep you going much longer. Eggs, meat and nuts will only give you a moderate insulin response and allow for constant blood sugar, but will fill you up and keep cravings at bay and energy levels high.

2. Fats are NOT the enemy – By all means eliminate trans fat but ensure you take in large quantities of Omega 3 Fats. Take a good Fish oil after every meal. There are numerous studies promoting the benefits of taking a regular fish oil including Cell membrane health. Lipogenic genes are turned off, which means fat storage genes are turned off, decreased blood pressure, great stress fighter and many many more amazing benefits. I would recommend  Aliment Nutrition Omega Plus Finest Fish Oil. Take this and watch your nails grow and hair condition improve within weeks.

3. Load up on Green Vegetables at every meal.

4.Keep starchy carbs to post workout only and within an hour of working out.

5.Shorten your workouts, 10 minutes is fine but make them super intense that elevate your heart rate to the max. Mix in body weight training, sprints, burpees and plyometrics.


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