Writing Fitness Articles by Rachel Holmes

You know how important writing articles for your Newsletters, Blogs,Social Media and ebooks etc is, I thought I would do a quick bullet point to keep you on track and focused.

Writing/Publishing Articles
Writing articles is a powerful way to build credibility and visibility. Your aim is to educate your prospective clients about your ability to apply what you know to their situation.

1. Titles and Topics – What is of most interest to your target audience?

2. Headlines – How can you get attention and interest and lead readers into reading the body of the article?

3. Writing an Article – How can you most efficiently and effectively produce a good article, suitable for publication?

4. Getting Published – How and where can you get your articles published?   Facebook/Your website/Blog/Handouts/Write an ebook

5. Leverage – How can you use the articles you’ve written to leverage your business?

Once you have taken the above points into consideration put finger to key board and write an interesting article, If it’s your local paper you are hoping to get your article in then consider writing a series of short articles that can  be included as a weekly series, maybe write a weekly FIT TIPs column covering a whole host of fitness issues. If you can’t get in the local rag then do a weekly Fit Tips Column on your Facebook page…why not!!!!!!


Let the world see your knowledge and expertise


These are my top 10 FIT TIP Topics:
1.New Trends
2. Healthy Eating/Fat Loss
3. Fitness books or DVDs that you can recommend/review
4. Review Home equipment
5. Fitness Pilates information and exercises
6. Personal Training
7. Weight Training for Woman
8. Pros and Cons of Low Fat Diet v Low Carb Diets
9. Kids Fitness
10. Pre and Post Natal fitness

or whatever is your niche!

Make each article snappy, informative and always conclude each article with your contact information, list of classes and a little picture.
You probably won’t get paid but a short series of articles with your contact details is worth it’s weight in marketing gold. So go for it, send your series off to all the local papers in your target area and see what happens – it can only cost you your time.
EMAIL me if you try this idea and let me know if it works for you. RachelLHolmes@aol.com


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