Become a local Fitness Celebrity:

Breaking into Local BBC Radio

 Local BBC Radio is an fantastic way of raising your profile and becoming an expert in your area. I am regularly featured on Local BBC Radio Derby and Radio Nottingham.

Commercial Radio V BBC Radio

Commercial radio is funded by advertising and unless you are spending a whole lot of cash on advertising with that station is often impossible to break into. BBC on the other had is funded by the licence and is interested in local news, featuring local people that effect and have a bearing on the audience.



Audience Demographic

Have a browse through the BBC Radio home page and click on the “where I live” page on the regional map. You will be then taken to your regional home page which will tell you all about your local radio station/show information/presenter profiles. Here is the link  You can then contact the presenter of the show you feel you would be best matching up with. I choose to contact both the breakfast show host and the mid morning show.

What to say

Each site has a contact box. Here is how I introduced myself

Hi I am a local Health, Fitness and Fatloss Entrepreneur based in Nottingham teaching a wide variety of classes, corporate fitness, Fitness Speaking and event organiser. Would you be interested in me hosting a Health and Fitness phone in on your show?

I can offer expert advice on all kinds of fitness and fast loss topics from Pilates to Postural issues, exercise myths and misconceptions, how to get started in fitness, kids fitness and also offer ideas for future topics that would be perfect for your listener demographic. Do have a look at my website I’m a local girl with expert knowledge and would love to help, advice and educate your listeners on the latest trends and fitness information. You can contact me on 

Email something over to your local BBC site and see what kind of response you get. If you don’t hear anything, email again and maybe suggest future discussion topics. Scout the net and find out what media event you can tie in with. If there is a national campaign going on can you tie in a fitness issue with this. The producer will definitely prick up her ears if you can tie a local issue in with something that is gaining national coverage

Check out the BBC’s Health Awareness Campaigns website and see if you can suggest a topical talk to coincide with a campaign.

You could tie in with and offer a phone in or chat at the same time as these national campaigns are running:

National Back Painweek

Breast Cancer Awareness

Lung Cancer Awareness

Or maybe seasonal events




New Year

Do keep trying to get in with your radio station. Don’t Give up, keep emailing your ideas and you will get there in the end.

When you do make headway please email me and let me know and Ill promote you and your spot on


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