Do you fear the fear and do it anyway?

This is a title of an extremely popular self help book, I bet you have read it or its probably hanging out on one of your book shelves somewhere. Maybe you have the audio tucked away on itunes?

Does it apply to you?

Are are you still procrastinating because you have a  fear of failing? Talking to Instructors on a workshop yesterday promoted me to write this blog post. Many of us seem to still have a barrier up, when going after what we really want in our fitness business, and why….what IS the worst that can happen.

I’m definitely a glass half full kind of girl and you need to be if you want to propel your fitness business, career and even life forward.

What is the worst that can happen?

Barrier 1.
I want to start a new class, Bootcamp or course or create a new brand  but what if  no one comes?

Solution 1
Do your market research FIRST. Ask on Facebook if your friends want this new class, at this time, in this venue. Don’t commit any time or money to promotion until you have confirmed there is demand. Survey your customers and clients get market research first.

If there is potential demand. Go for it and if no one turns up, try another time, another venue, another class type. But you must find out if there is demand first

Barrier 2
I want to create an online product, website but what if no one buys it or looks at it.

Solution 2
See above.
Online products may take weeks or months to gain momentum and take of.

Build a buzz and generate interest before launch. Ensure you do tons of pre promotion like Blogging, Vlogging, Facebook count downs, Twitter updates, Special promotions and deals on the day of launch.

Explore new social media like Pinterest, Google +, Foursquare,

Harness the power of youtube

You have a lot of channels to use and get your message across

Barrier 3
Ive got loads of ideas and dont know where to start

Solution 3.
Open a folder and collect as much information on each idea as you can.
Write to do lists and find people who can help you with your project.
Work out costings, profits and timelines for each project.
Prioritise each project and decide which one to follow though first..

Give yourself a completion deadline and stick to it.

Don’t be scared of failure, you won’t die of failure!
Every single fitness entrepreneur has failed spectacularly at something, some idea they thought was THE idea and it fell flat on its face.
I’ve had multiple failures, countless ideas that I thought would work and didn’t, usually because I didn’t find out first, what my customers wants and needs were at that time.

Don’t let a small failure stop you. Embrace it,accept it, understand what went wrong and carry on.

Remember feel the fear and do it anyway.


What do you think? Id Lurveeeeeee your comments


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