Totally awesome BBc2 Documentary last night really highlighting food addiction and production. How, as consumers we have been manipulated into eating more and more food, bigger portions and eating between meals.

The ingredients are designed to make us become addicted and our bodies not even be able to tell us when we are full, due to the sugar avalanche to the liver.

How the food industry can say there is no food addiction is crazy.

As a Fitness Presenter and Weight Loss Expert, I recommend a detox of eating clean food and 3 meals a day cutting out sugar, processed food, coffee and alcohol and even fruit.  Doing this for a week and many people experience a horrendous detox by only stopping eating processed food.

Jacques Perretti charted the history of food production from the 70’s, when we only ate 3 meals a day, and how constant snacking has now become the norm.

We graze though the day like cows constantly munching thinking this is healthy.

I would love your views and comments, and lets keep this in the public domain and help make people more aware of exactly what they are really eating and how it effect their brain as well as waist line.


Heres the link to the show



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