Mel T bring you the first in a serious of downloads utilising music, movement and the mini Pilates ball. ?In this download she shows you a range of really easy to follow and innovative combinations you can use your warm up or turn up the bmp and use it in your aerobic, LBT and conditioning classes etc ?This wonderful, fun and easy to store piece of equipment can be easily adapted to all our usual fitness choreography especially Fitness-Pilates and is working really well for her out in the community too. ?This is an example for first time users or those wanting to try something different to add into their current classes. ?Fabulous for active seniors and kids too. ?Balls supplied from The Physical Company and music supplied by Active 8. To view this fitness pilatest CLICK HERE
1 Tokens
Length: 8 mins
£ 0.99
Size: 35.0 MB

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