November DVD Sale on C2GO

ALL DVDS ONLY £10 + VAT + Postage
2 x DVDS £18 + VAT and postage
3 x DVDS £25 and postage


I am clearing out the DVDS again for new titles coming in so grab the following before they run out.

If you order 2 or 3 of the DVDS below then please email with the the titles you would like!

Buy 1 DVD for £10 + vat/postage – 2 x DVD for £18 +vat/postage 3 x DVD for £25 + vat postage

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Click here to order x 2 DVDS

Click here to order x 3 DVDS


Aqua Choreography


Click here to order and for details


Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor with Marvin Burton


Fitness Pilates with the Mini Ball


Fitness Pilates using the Mini Ball - Rachel Holmes



Fitness Pilates Ideas




Body Transformation IDEAS

bodyTransformation_DVD copy 3.jpg


Click here for Order and details


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