Don’t you just love this time of year?


Its a really optimistic period of reflection and forward planning.


I’m just flicking through the January edition of Vogue/Elle/Cosmo and devouring yesterdays magazines from the Sunday papers – (I love the YOU Mag & Times Style)


Everything is sooooo positive, exciting & forward thinking…You can feel the BUZZ


High Expectations for 2014…empowering, exciting…..all good!


So…..What are you going to do differently? What is going to Change?

What frontiers do you want to conquer? What do YOU want to FEEL like

this time next year when you are doing your reflecting? How Do you want your body

to look? How Fit do you want to be………..etc etc


It IS definitely  the right time to launch that new business idea 

and 1000% time to get rid of that toxic job/class/client/ person.


Just got to put it all into action…..mmmmm


I was reading a BLOG about Haters and Nahsayers – all those people that say you cant….


The folk that want you to fail….Happy to see you fall flat on your bum


“You cant’t achieve that”…”that idea is rubbish…you’ll never blah blah”


But I don’t think its the Negative Nellies around you, you need to worry about……….


It’s that Negative Nellie that LIVES in YOUR HEAD.…..


It’s THAT voice that shouts the loudest, the constant negative self talk.


THAT voice that nags on at you daily to stop/not bother/your not worth it/

your too fat/your too old/ your too late / your too lazy and on & on & on


STOP NOW,  STOP TODAY, STOP THIS MINUTE with all this hater self talk crap that YOU are saying to yourself….Its damaging and its not serving YOU and its a habit

you can break.


PLUS its stopping YOU serve and help other people with your amazing knowledge and



YOU know I a MASSIVE believer in affirmations and positive thinking.


My Affirmation today is so simple its from May Cause Miracles Book and I’ve

plugged it into my phone.


“ I Am Love” so whenever that pesky little voice comes in saying some negative rubbish

I just say my simple affirmation and carry on with my task.


I don’t like it sway me of path. I keep moving forward.


Today, be kind to yourself, make a commitment to eat healthy, do a workout, giveaway

the crap food, have a wine free day and start planning your future goals and dreams.


Get Cracking and Lets Break that Negative Nellie in your head and

open up the possibility for you to achieve your wildest dreams.


My brand new 21 day Kick Start Fat Loss Detox Starts on Thursday 2nd January

wit 21 brand new workouts for beginners to advanced  PLUS daily Affirmations,

Relentless positive thinking ideas, as well as the amazing KSFL detox.


KSFL detoxs the BODY, MIND and Spirit in 2014 enabling YOU to function

at your highest capacity possible.


Have a wonderful Monday and don’t forget to use your affirmation today.


Love Always


Rachel xxx


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