I’ve just got back from my weekly “brainstorm”
with my great friend Andrew Crawford.

Sharing my ideas and verbalising concepts
and thoughts, that come racing through my brain,
with Andrew has been a monumental shift.

AND made a massive difference to my business.



I know you probably have TONS of great
ideas for YOUR fitness business.

But how many do you follow up?

How many do you actually construct a concrete plan
and go for it?

It’s so easy to keep jumping on the next shiny
fitness object…..

Or start something that never gets finished,
as you get bored with that one, and start
planning something else.

Make 2014 the year you get your most
cherished projects out there.

Everyone needs a coach or a mentor
but t’s imperative to find the right one.

Too often we are “in the frame”
and can’t see the huge potential
our ideas may have.

For the first time ever Andrew is offering his
Fitness Business Development Coaching
via Skype.

You may want to email him and see if you have
a fit.

I cant recommend it highly enough.

I also just popped into Waterstones and the crowd
browsing the “Diet Book” section was pretty

Looks like the world is about to go on a diet.

Remember YOU are on the winning team.

Everyone is looking for the Fitness/Fatloss/Exercise/Mindset
package that is right for them.

Have a great Saturday evening and
stay positive.

Keep working on your positive mindset
and daily affirmations and expect miracles.

My affirmation  is:

“Today I commit to miraculous shifts.
Forgiveness will be my guide”

YEP, as always, its on my iphone screensaver!

Healthy Wishes and Warm Regards

Rachel xx

Contact Andrew on the following email or you can find him on FB

And ensure 2014 you get finally get your projects out to the masses.

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