Nova_Day03_Track01_02_0009Happy Sunday!

Many Fitpros worry too much about what other people
(other Fitpros usually)
will think or say.



You might have real designs on starting an
online programme, presenting at a convention,
organising an event, creating your own brand, or filming a workout or DVD…..

or it could be something not connected to
your fitness business
but your life in general.

Don’t dim your light because you worry about
what people may say.

Ask yourself: What good does it do to me?
OR indeed the world if I continue with
this thinking and playing small mentality?

Not reaching for your true potential is a disaster.
Playing small NEVER EVER ?helps you,
in fact it does the opposite.

I know its so tempting to be “normal”,
just carry on, play it safe and continue with
the same old, same old, blend into the crowd,
kind of style.

No ONE Is excited, inspired or
emboldened by that…..No One.

But YOU my friend have SOO much more to offer the world.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not always easy,
and you will have some failures
along the way.

I could tell you stories that
would make your hair curl
on some of the lessons I’ve learnt in my own fitness business!

Who really gives a s*** about what anyone
else thinks as long as YOU
are living your true purpose, moving forward,
being authentic, helping

So, if you holding yourself back because you are worried about what others will say.

Drop it right now this every minute…..

If YOU are getting in your own way with too much time thinking about what
people on Facebook might say about you.

Then pack it up…RIGHT NOW it really is a waste of time and energy.


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