“I let go of my need to control and let the UNIVERSE do her thing”


This is the perfect affirmation for a Sunday from

Gabrielle Bernsteins

Spirit Junkie Book.


Maybe today, let go of the todo list and the plans and

just be, do and let the day ride.


That’s such a luxury isn’t it, and something a lot of

us reading this email

find hard to do.


If I’ve not got a plan & a todo list & a schedule & a training slot


I feel like I’m wasting time…precious time.


I panic.  Get anxious and that negative voice starts

taking me down.




Change those thoughts and feelings (Getting good at this now!)


Often we are in such a rush to get all the

big goals ticked of in life,

personally & professionally, and, sometimes

we rush headlong into choices before you have even discovered

who YOU are, What YOU need and what works best for YOU.


Have you ever woke up and thought

“Shit, I’ve made a huge mistake ????” AHHHHHHHHHHH



You can crack on with the to do list tomorrow.

(I’ll try & end you a motivational

tomorrow that will FIRE you up)



So, today, Could YOU be discovering yourself a little more?

Why not try and do some simple meditation,

if only for a few minutes and listen

to what comes up?


Have you tried meditation followed by


or scribbling?(in my case!)


Even a busy fitness instructor with a super active, jumpy

mind can take a few moments to just write after a moment of stillness,

let the pen flow, don’t edit, don’t correct just let RIP BABY.



Gabrielle Bernstein calls this ~ING writing &I find it sooo

useful to really discover what I REALLY need.



Try it. I highly recommend it.



Be actively involved in YOUR process of self discovery.



Have a Cool Chilled Sunday

PLEASE tweet me or email me with your

thoughts & feedback

I LOVE to hear from you and I LOVE to hear if you

use the affirmations.



Love Rachel xxx



PS If you are thinking of going to see a movie.

I CANNOT recommend

highly enough the Dallas Buyers Club.

Matthew McConaughy is outstanding!




Fitness Pilates is expanding!

Kelly Reed-Banks is coming on board

as Operations Director.

Watch out for new courses, trainings,

website & apparel


Our next Fitness Pilates Training Course is

12/13 April and there are

only 3 places left.

If you want to get trained up then jump on



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