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I LOVE Monday Morning..almost as much as Friday!.



Its a time filled with optimism, excitement and in-trepidation

of what the unfolding week week has to offer.


Everything kicks right of again on a Monday.


A new project, a new diet, A new workout, A new class.


Its all NEW, NEW, NEW Today.




The minute I  check social media or take a call from a friend the first thing

she says is.


“Right Rach, I’m back on it today…”


I love those words so much.


All those tasks, jobs, workouts and plans that we didn’t

quite get round to finishing last week,

we promise faithfully to crack on with and tick them

of the list this week.


I have have a completely, brand, sparkly new Morning

Routine these days, I’m passing it on

hoping it may inspire you.


I wake up early and say a silent prayer for

everything in my life I’m grateful for.

I then mentally run though my day with the things

I want to receive that day & how I want to FEEL.


Thats the key..Its how I want to FEEL


I meditate & listen to what comes up, then,


whatever inspiration comes through, I jump on it there & then



I always read for 10 minutes. At the moment Im still working

through The May Cause Miracles Book this gives me a positive mindset

from the get go.


I used to be checking social media the minute I opened my eyes.

Dialling into Twitter and Facebook right away.

Not any longer, I now write these emails & plan my day hour by hour.




Otherwise I read FACEBOOK & I take on someones else’s thoughts,

I’m influenced by someone else’s life & actions, I become REACTIVE



Back in the day I’d WISH to try and manifest a new Porshe 911, a hot new Gorgeous

Boyfriend, 6 bedroom mansion,150 people to come to my community class

and of course to lose at least 2 stone…..  on and on


Of course this didn’t manifest, well, not, quite like that…. I


It was just was just a wish list or pipedream.


You have to REALLY FEEL the outcome. Feel those feelings and have such

unwavering faith that the Universe has your back & will deliver exactly

what is right for you.


So, todays message really goes back to yesterdays email,

listening to your innerguide via meditation & understanding

what you REALLY WANT.


I WANT YOU to get so PRODUCTIVE TODAY that you smash

though all of your tasks.You certainly have enough time.


Whatever it is you WANT to achieve today You WILL Achieve it.

Believe and You WIll achieve. 


EVERYTHING You need, all of the expertise, all of the knowledge is

right in front of you at your fingertips.


Listen to your innerguide.


Ask for help  and then

get as busy as a bee driving towards the life and

goals you REALLY DESIRE.





Be the role model.


Be the shining light.


Spread the positivity and SMASH YOUR desired goals…

Day after Day.

Inspire others to do the same.

Crack on my friends. Crack RIGHT on!


YOU know how much I love you your tweet me or message me @RachelHolmes


Have the most productive Monday EVER.


My affirmation is from Lesson 41 of May Cause Miracles

“I am here to be truly helpful”

By helping YOURSELF become the best version of you.

You inspire others to do the same.





I have uploaded 2 new Freestyle Downloads on Choreographytogo today

a new HiLO and new Step You can check them out here


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