As a creative spirit striving to build a fulfilling

life & business pursuing your goals and dreams.


Fostering a miracle mindset, confidence & having

a positive, loving outlook at times is not always easy.



You have to make decisions & get clear.



KNOW what you want & how you want

your life to look is KEY.



KNOWING when you have outgrown situations,

people,jobs, classes, circumstances &

getting out, chucking the towel

in and moving on.


I’ve had to ditch a few things

recently & at the time its bad.


It’s rocky.


but as soon as you have…..


WOW you feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G



Deep down YOU know when the time is right.



Getting in touch with your ~ING (Inner Guidance system)

is vital so you can totally FEEL what is best for you

at any given moment.



When that inspiration hits you – however it comes – act

on it quickly, change course, ditch the toxic situations, stop

eating the shit food, listening to negativity and get flippin…






I am obsessed with possibility. I love that feeling of optimism.



It’s so exciting, living for the rush of turning a thought –

or an abstract idea into something real, tangible, touchable,

readable, effectual and profitable.



That will serve more people and help others


It makes you feel sooooo EMPOWERED (word of the day!)

generous & HAPPY.



We all LOVE getting things done so again today

lets get soooo busy and keep pushing forward

on those big dreams and goals.



Use & spend your time wisely.


Do your meditations & as its HUMPDAY

completely love yourself for making these radical

changes with your thoughts.



A simple affirmation from Gabby B today




Keep it top of mind all day TODAY!



Have a wicked wicked Wednesday I’m just of to the gym

to train & teach then back to the lap top for some

serious work on a few big ole lofty old projects.


What are you today? Id love to hear from you

Tweet me @RachelHolmes.



Lots of Love Rachel xxx



PS Loving that so many of you are getting right into JUICING

WE are sharing Juice ideas over on my FB & Twitter page.




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All of the Franchisees are offering LIve Clubs?& sessions,?PLUS working with local hair & beauty salons,?Juice bars, Coffee shops,?schools, the NHS, local businesses.

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I coach, mentorm support & advise the team every?day with new ways to push? their individuals businesses forward.


I am looking for MORE entrepreneurs to join the team.

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If you would like to get involved in a rapidly? expanding business talk to me.


Lets make it happen.

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