It’s CELEBRATE Yourself Day Today!


You know it’s my favourite day of the week is  good ‘ole Friday.

The expectation of the weekend…the plans…opportunities

People to see… things to do… YOU know how it goes.







A time to reflect on the incredible work you have done this
week. Not just physical work but your own personal development.

Congratulate yourself on
reading these emails,
sharing love, supporting,
educating, teaching & motivating others and most importantly……..

Be KIND to yourself Brothers & Sisters!

It’s not being conceited to love & respect yourself.

To want the best for YOU and to be HAPPY.

Often, we are SO flippin horrible to ourselves…
we constantly say negative
rubbish about how we look, we berate our own bodies,
we tell ourselves
we are not good enough, pretty enough,
thin enough, rich enough,
young enough…

blah, blah, blah, flippin blah……..

OMG it’s SO boring and SOOOO last year, darling!

AND it seriously holds YOU back.

So today JUMP OF the negativity self talk train.

SLAM the breaks on the daily grind and lets throw a celebratory party…

IN YOUR MIND…of course

You are in charge of your thoughts and you can change
them right now & right this minute.

Let’s all do it together. TODAY. NOW!

MY affirmation is from Day 42 of May Cause Miracles
and it’s perfect for that FRIDAY FEELING


Once you clear your mind of this rubbish chatter
that clogs up your brain.

YOU. YES. YOU. Can move mountains. FACT


Loads of Love from Me to You.

Rach xxx
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