Visualising, planning, scheming, plotting, dreaming,
pretending, faking, acting, wishing…

However YOU feel you manifest your future

Let make it consistent.



I’ve got to be honest with you over the last 20
odd years I’ve been a right dabbler.

When things were going not the way I planned…

When the boyfriend dumped me, when my class bombed
when I got a bad evaluation at a convention, when my hair
went wrong, or something totally
unpleasant happened…

I’d be straight into reading, listening and affirming
desperately like a crazy women..

I’d have The SECRET audio playing in my car,
I’d be watching the film, i’d be screaming
out affirmations……

Of course, things would change, life would
move on & be all good again
and I’d forget abut all about my affirmations.

I’d stop listening to THE SECRET

Everything was all cool again…….

until the next crisis……

Then I’d repeat this mad cycle all over again.

These days, its about being positive, knowing & feeling that everything
will work its way out. Every single day, whatever happens.

Making a daily practice of meditating – if only for 5 minutes
of being clear about your intentions, of living your truth
needs to be as important as cleaning your teeth.

Its needs consistency, mind, and then the magic
really starts to happen….

Every single day.

Be consistent..its the only way!

Have a wild weekend everyone

Sending so much love from me to you.

Rachel xxx

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