Sharing the Valentines LOVE
It’s all about YOU Baby today.


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Are YOU so busy being busy that you are not realising
your true potential.

Are YOU teaching so many classes, juggling clients,
family, friends that life is speeding by? I cannot
believe its the 14th Feb……….

YOU might be tempted to ask

“How did this happen?”
“How did I get  here”

Don’t waste another second in no mans land.

Are you ready to LIVE like YOU really mean it?

Are you ready to get out of your slump, over your fear,
stop bothering about what others might say or
not say about you and REALLY plug into YOU?

As a fitness instructor you have some serious power.

You HAVE dazzling knowledge that so many people
around you are desperate for.

For 2014 its my unwavering belief we need to package it up
a little differently and offer fitness, health & nutrition in
unique ways.

Lets get creative.

Lets get busy and stop marking time right now.

Sharpen up your marketing skills & seize the moment.

BUT it all starts in one place.

Your MIND.

I know YOU have seriously passionate ideas.
YOU are your own consumer + YOU know what
your market wants and needs.

Be BOLD. Think outside of the box. Be forward thinking
& unleash your ideas, change the fitness status quo
& move your life to a NEW level.

Be CONFIDENT of your own abilities.
Be in touch with your passion and lead the way.

Remember EVERYONE wants to be happy & healthy
and YOU have the tools to help them.

As its Valentines Day today I wanted to inspire you to
see the power & knowledge within you &
inspire you to spread your
message on a larger scale.

Do it person in classes.
Via your Social Media Platforms.
Your website. Your newsletter. Your Groups.

Theres a million and one ways now to build your
business & brand.

Try not to get freaked out or overwhelmed
make a plan & get busy!

Todays affirmation is simple –
I love the simple ones if they are longer
I forget them!

“Happiness is a choice I make”

Say it with a smile all day today.

I HOPE you are still working on your
affirmations & daily meditations, if only
for 5 minutes. It’s just like training.
you keep chipping away every day
to strengthen your positivity muscles.

Ask for want you want & then listen in meditation
to what comes up.

And, for Valentines I’m sending huge
HUGS & PROSPERITY to everyone reading this
email & a special shout out to all my single
fitness girlies.

Keep spreading the love and I’ll see you in the
gym later!

Feed yourself and your clients bucket loads of
loving thoughts.

All day (EVERY DAY) and get cracking on those ideas!

Love ya

Rachel xxx

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I’m so EXCITED about this day.
I’ll be covering lots of
positivity tips, plus making more money
in fitness and a whole host of things
I’ve never shared before,
but I think the time is right

Its Saturday 10th May at
The HILTON HOTEL East Midlands Airport
which is Junction 24 of the M1 there is a train station
right by and its dead
easy to drive to.

I hope you can make it.

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