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I love little daily prompts
to remind you
to live life well.

Committing to mental self
improvement every day
is my absolute passion.

how it changes your
life, your perceptions
& how you feel.

A daily affirmation,
experiencing feelings of
gratitude & meditation
brings you back to the
moment, enjoying the present
& striving to attain your
full potential.

So what stops you?

What is really holding
you back?

Could it be that nagging
self doubt feeling and


Fear keeps you locked
down in a boring,
fulfilling lifestyle

Fear keeps you in
that do not serve you,
or bring the best out
of you.

Fear is not giving up that
job or class that is literally
sucking the marrow from
your bones & your soul
out of your eyeballs!

Fear stops you having

Fear stops you building that
business, writing that blog,
filming that video &
creating a life you love.

Do something TODAY
that scares you.

Why don’t you
tackle one of those fears
head on today.

Go On….Do it..

Be Brave
Be Inspired
Be Bold.

Imagine the feeling
of accomplishment,
ecstasy, expansion &
liberation this
sunny Sunday,
you have faced your
fears & moved ahead.

Do what YOU really
want today.

I’m sitting here with
my chocolate flavoured
coffee (from TK MAXX)

Getting all psyched up
to smash some Sunday

Fears that have been
hanging about for
far to long.

I hope this inspires,
& stimulates, you
to do the same.

“Today I am facing my fears
head on”

The perfect affirmation for
a day of facing fears.

Will you tweet me if you do?


BIG LOVE Rachel xxxx

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