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IMG_6205I’m away at the minute having a break in Barbados with my pals.

This is one amazing place, so chilled out, laid back and blissed out but all this chill out time just breeds more & more ideas in me! No classes to teach & so much time to think.

I must admit its a struggle to slow down.

And the ideas, schemes, projects, creations are filling my mind like an avalanche.

Catching up all magazines, books, audios podcasts is such a luxury.




BUT Yesterday, after reading some Female Entrepreneur mags, then Grazia which features more UBER cool girls power businesse

I felt an immense surge of overwhelm. Lots of exciting, maverick, young women running uber cool businesses.

I was immensely impressed, which quickly gave way to a feeling of envy & despair.


“If only I had that person working for me”


“I could find some one to do  xyz…….”


“I need to work harder if I want to achieve xyz…”

Then everything would be amazing & I’d really smash it…….”

Do YOU ever feel like that? STOP. STOP. STOP BACK UP & REWIND That such crazy thinking.

Even people doing amazingly, creative & successful things.

Make mistakes

Have to make difficult choices.

Have to compromise

Have to change path.

Even THE Best business person & super team in the world have off days and days filled with a catalogue of disasters.

And EVERYONE had to start somewhere.

I just had a word with myself!

Remember Don’t beat yourself up for not being this or that or at that level or this stage.

YOU Are doing Just FINE my friend. Keep Going. Keep pushing forward.

And LOVE to hear about your business ideas and projects & would love to do a shout out so Tweet me @RachelHolmes

Todays affirmation is “My Business is On Track”

So simple. Have a wicked Tuesday Team and lets smash it!

Love Rachel xx


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For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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