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Today my friends lets make it a priority
to honor yourself.

Never feel guilty for being good to
yourself, & lets not neglect giving this
the attention it deserves.

* Go though the day being your best friend.

*Start your day with an affirmation that
gets you going in the right direction from the
get go.

*Use your affirmation throughout the day.

*Make the best food choices you can.

*Workout for yourself. Even if it’s a snatched

*Attack your to do list & take baby
steps edging towards your BIG goals.

*Trust YOUR intuition. Listen to your
inner guide. Ask YOURSELF the answers
to any questions or issues  you have.

*Strengthen your meditation muscles.

*If you have slipped back into negative
self talk then change your thinking RIGHT NOW.

*HAVE some FUN today & enjoy being & feeling
positive .

I LOVE changing my thoughts. When negativity creeps
in & find myself steaming of down negative highway
or thinking thoughts that bring down my energy.

I love snapping back into thinking positive.
Its a game & I can feel my energy going back
up when I do!.

You can do it!.

This is my personal affirmation today.
If it resonates with you then please use it,
or why not create your own personal
affirmation that suits you today.

“Today I elevate my business, my brand
& my family”
I got ya back team!

Love always
Rachel xx

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you today.

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