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Today it’s my birthday.

WOW how fast is life charging by.

How on earth did I get here so quickly?
It seems like 2 minutes ago I was sitting in
Yates in Nottingham celebrating my 18th…..

There’s so much more to do, to go at,
to achieve, to see, to experience…..

It feels like I have only just got going!

So today lets TURN UP THE VOLUME


Help, serve & inspire more people.

Rise up &  expand.

What IS holding you back from creating that business,
setting up those new classes, breaking free from toxic
people & situations, meditating, affirming, smashing
littleness, getting fitter, eating cleaner, playing small &
being mediocre ???

Could it be FEAR?

Fearful about what others may think or say?
Fear of rejection?
Fear of change?
Fear of being vulnerable?

Today lets move way past the things that scare us & feel the fear
and do it anyway ( I love that book)

Lets catapult forward into a new era of achievement &
personal growth.

Today lets go big and expect miraculous shifts
I’m using a fab affirmation from Gabby B
“Today I commit to miraculous shifts”
Simple, straightforward and easy to keep affirming
all day.

Have a miraculous day everyone & lets make some

serious change.
Please tweet me @RachelHolmes
I’d LOVE to hear from you all today if you get a second

Love always
Rachel xx
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