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Managing Your Music Budget

Here at Pure Energy we’ve naturally been in the thick of the PPL licence changes for the last year, and we’ve talked to many of our members about how they can best manage the changes within their music budget and not lose music quality in their classes.

These changes haven’t just affected individual instructors who are running their own sessions, it’s also had an impact on Centre Managers who are managing multiple sessions sometimes over several sites.

One way we’ve been helping our corporate members is to take an overview of their timetable and analyse what music requirements each freestyle class has. Here’s a few ideas:

Work out which of your classes you think definitely need original artist music to get them motivated, then add them to your PPL tally. We tend to find that Step and Aerobics sessions come high on this list of priorities.

Next, look at the classes that could definitely exist without ‘recognisable’ tunes that people would want to sing along to. Depending on what kind of class you teach this could be Mind Body, if you go for chilled out background music. However if you’re teaching something like Fitness Pilates or Freestyle Fitness Yoga, this might not be the case.

Then let’s go over what’s left. How old are the participants in these classes? If they’re an older audience, 60+ for example, they might be more willing to work to cover versions and be happy as long as they’re good quality and they can sing along to the tracks. If it’s an intervals class, maybe just a driving beat will suffice, or again maybe the class will be so intent on working out that they don’t notice that you’re using cover versions? Decide from this which of them can be #PPLFree and remove them from your list.

We’re always going to be advocates of using original artist music at Pure Energy; we believe it gives your classes a level of quality in the same way that a good sound system, polished choreography and clear presentation does. However, if you are struggling with the new tariffs, then sorting through your classes in this way could help you to manage your cash without affecting the quality of your work.

If you run a centre or multiple sites and need more help, give us a call at the Pure Energy offices, we’re here to help with corporate licences and music packages, both original artist and PPL-free!

Launching Rachel Holmes

KSFL Licence Free HIIT Music

The tracks are high quality cover versions of popular hits and feature:

Warm up

HIIT Workout 1 28 minutes 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest

HIIT Workout 2 28 minutes 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest

Cool down











MF7468_KSFL_HiiT_Volume1 copy 2










To Order this CD £15 PLUS VAT PLUS £1.50 postage and package


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