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What IS the next BIG Thing in Fitness?

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Fitpros ask me all of the time what I think
the next BIG Thing in fitness is going to be.

Is it Insanity? Is it Fitsteps? Is it Kick Start Fat Loss?

Brands & Trends will come, go & evolve.
This cycle is getting quicker & quicker now.

But ONE thing that is 100% SURE
& Instructors are NOT Paying near
enough attention to is:

1: Getting YOUR business ONLINE & Digital

2: Understanding Facebook CORRECTLY

3: Understanding Twitter/Youtube/Instagram

4:  How to create the RIGHT website.

5: Which Datacapture system to use.

6: How to film workout/training videos.

7: How to Blog/Vlog/Status updates

So, YOU procrastinate & kind of dance around
social media turning it into a massive time suck
because you are not really to sure what to do.

There is NO getting away for  the

And it’s only the beginning in FITNESS.

Very few FITPROS are harnessing the power
of the internet & social media to massively
elevate their businesses.

When you understand social media YOU can
literally take 20minutes
to set everything up for the day.

When YOU get to Grips with Social Media Properly:

1: You can get more LIVE clients into your classes

2: Create Online challenges, groups, courses where
you are paid for your information.

3: Build a ROBUST & Strong platform to promote
your online & offline services.

Maximum Exposure for YOU, YOUR Business & Brand.

1: Social media exposure was up 92% in 2013

2: 85% traffic of being driven to websites is via Social Media.

3: Visual Marketing IS the new way to sell your services.

4: TWITTER  is the easiest & quickest social media to use
to build YOUR business online. If you know how.

Did you know the brain can process IMAGES 500 x faster than

70% of BIG brands plan on increasing visual marketing.

Understanding Visual marketing on social media
is CRUCIAL & SO easy for YOU as a fitness professional
to capitilise on.

So you can, get to grips with all of these tools & make
a big difference in your business profits & exposure.

If YOU need help & guidance with this check out my
ONLINE courses as I’ve put them both on offer today.

Have a great Tuesday

Love Rachel xx

Id LOVE to know your frustration & problems that you have
with online, social media, the internet, websites etc

Email me, or Tweet me @RachelHolmes or Facebook me


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For all Fitpros who want to reach more people, earn more money & have a happy life in the process – leave your email here

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