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Do you ever get screwed by analysis paralysis?

Too many choices.

Too many options.

Too many opportunities.

Don’t get bogged down & stuck in the
quick sand that is analysis paralysis.

Weighing up every single option,
ever outcome, every possibility…

blah blah blah……you know the chat!

Today my good friends.

Make a choice and GET CRACKING.

Get that project finally MOVING!

Do it right now because I promise

NOTHING will feel as good right now
as finally making a choice & propelling
yourself forward.

It’s like a gravitational pull of positivity.

It could be as simple as getting up now
& doing a workout, going for a run,
preparing a clean nutritious meal,
deciding to gut the house from top to bottom


A HUMONGOUS business goal
that you have been procrastinating over
for weeks.

Whatever you do today lets STOP
overthinking and start overdoing!

Todays affirmation is:

“Today I stop analysis paralysis
& trust I make the right choices for me”

Have THE best Tuesday
Love Always Rachelxx

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