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I LOVE the bank holidays.
A couple of days away from the daily routine,
no teaching or writing, planning or plotting.

But then sitting down with the longest
to do list in living memory & a million
deadlines to hit, projects to finish,
projects to start, cover to find

blah blah blah

Overwhelm & a smidgen of despair
start to creep in.

I reach for the Miracles Now Book from
Gabby B & flick the pages.

“Celebrate Your Small Successes”

Is what comes up.

I love this. It’s so apt.

Scrolling down my Facebook & Twitter feed
everyone is “getting back on the fitness & diet train”
after letting it all go at the weekend.

We spend so much of our thinking time,
beating ourselves up about not being
good enough, thin enough, attractive enough,
successful enough, rich enough, falling of the wagon.

rah rah rah

You know the drill.

So, before you even go down this path today…


Take a few minutes to mentally celebrate
all the wonderful things in your life.

Go on. Do it now before the day really
kicks of.

Take out your notebook or type into your phone.

Make a list of all the things you ROCK at.

Don’t be shy. Don’t be humble or play anything

Focus on the good stuff & let’s all disconnect
from the negative.

Today’s affirmation:

“Today I disconnect from the negative & celebrate
everything positive”

Have a wonderful day as always.


No Overwhelm.

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PS Good luck to everyone starting my
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