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BodyPower  BodyPower  BodyPower  that’s all everyone I have come into contact with over the last few days, online and in person have been talking about.  And I missed it as I was traveling to Turkey for Fitness Week, but it sounds like it was a banger of an event.

Did you go?

If you did, what did you think?

I have asked Stacey Jacques to give us the low down of all things BodyPower in this week’s newsletter.

As we are heading at the speed of light towards the end of May, June is shaping up to be a right FULL ON month, with KS EXtreme launching and the KSFL Nutrition and Fatloss day and new PPL free music coming online, more blogging, filming and projects to nail. So, if you are super busy it’s time to really get organised and focused.

We are all motivated and want to achieve great things with fitness, business and live a happy fulfilling life and it’s now time to focus on the really important goals and get them moving. It’s so easy to be sidetracked and lose momentum, so today’s newsletter is all about having a razor sharp focus and getting STUFF done, finished, complete, signed off and MOVING.

Turkey Fitness & Fun Week is totally rocking this week and if you fancy coming with me in October it is from Saturday 11 October 2014 for 7 nights. I will have all of the booking details up online from Friday.

Are you reaching social media overload?

Social media has been a gift for building your platform and attracting new customers into your business. It’s been A-MAZING for crafting your profile and getting the word out, your name out, and generally giving you a big old soap box to stand on and tell everyone about what you do and how you do it.


We recognise that things are changing. Facebook is becoming pay to post.  Twitter will follow shortly and, of course, there are new social platforms to climb aboard.  Now is a great time to REALLY, and I mean REALLY, evaluate what the hell you are doing on social and exactly how much time you are spending on there.

Can you quantify all the time you spend on social and is it providing you with a good enough return on your time investment?

What about Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat,  Medium, What’s App, Youtube, Vimeo. Fancy jumping into these as well?

Have you got the time?

How to Win on Social for Your Fitness Business

1: Who is YOUR customer?  You need to gather as much info as you possibly can about your ideal customer. You can’t attract the right customer if you don’t know who you are looking for and who you want to work with.

Work out /Find out – Sex, Age, Occupation, Hobbies, Kids. Where do they go, what do they drive, wear, shop, which hairdressers, nails, boutiques, coffee shops, hang out, restaurants, socialise.

If you want to attract people to your local classes they are going to live near to your venue, probably a 10-20minute drive MAXIMUM.

Once you have ascertained who REALLY is your ideal customer it makes it so much easier to target with Facebook ads and Google adwords.

1: Create great content that your ideal customer (see above) wants/needs & is desperate for.
It becomes easy to write blogs, film videos, write emails, decide where to advertise, where to put your flyers and posters up when you know who your customer actually is.

2: Knowing who your ideal customer is makes it easier to create the look and feel of your social media. Think of your social media like a local newspaper or magazine. If you are running Fitness Pilates classes for example, create content that is pertinent to this audience. So, pictures, quotes, recipes, articles, blogs and videos that apply to your LOCALITY, just like the local paper used to do which everyone used to read. This will help you attract local people who form your customer avatar.

3: AUTOMATE. Thanks to so many of you who jumped on Twitter after I posted my beginner’s Guide to Using Twitter last week. Now create a Twitter content plan then automate.

My own Twitter content plan is made up of:

Networking – Reaching out to people I want to get to know/meet/do business with/connect with. I choose 5 – 10 people a day I want to say HELLO to & get to know.

Banter/Fun & Chat –  Always off the cuff, on the run and impromptu. I love having a laugh on Twitter

Promotion of events/course/workshops etc – Scatter these throughout  the day using Hootsuite

Motivational Quotes/Pictures/Infographics – These get so much engagement, RT & favorites.

Lead Generation – Encouraging Twitter followers to add their email to my list. I automate these & spread them out over 24 hours using Hootsuite.

So, all in all you have a purpose to be on Social Media. You have a game plan of who you have in mind and why you are using social for promoting your classes.

Body Power 2014 by Stacey Jacques

Saturday 17th May, all roads led to the NEC, Birmingham for day 2 of The Body Power Expo. The mecca of the body beautiful.
As an avid fitness event and expo fan I was eagerly anticipating my first visit to BP, now in its 6th year and previously attracting a whopping 55, 000 through its doors.

I was not disappointed.

We arrived mid-morning and it was already rammed. In stark contrast to the last time I was at a fitness expo at the NEC the vibe was electric, bulging suits and accompanying Starbucks had been replaced by semi nakedness and protein shakes. Despite feeling paler than most (a first for me) and like I had far too many clothes on I was excited… and over-heating. Not sure if this was due to the glorious weather we had encountered on our journey down, the onslaught of bulging pectorals, tattoo’s and magnificent beards everywhere I looked or simply the fact that there was a lot of people all finding their bearings at the same time but it was hot, hot, hot!

Once we had settled in, map in hand, we did our rounds of the trade stands. Predominantly supplements (all the major brands plus some new start-ups) followed by a good selection of training clothing, equipment and gym accessories. My fave’s being Skinny Chimp and the SmartShake shaker. Impressive. All the companies brought their A game and were offering free samples, big show discounts and good looking, friendly promo staff to give advice.
Bodybuilding celebrities were plentiful and those in the know queued patiently for a photo and autograph from their favourite athletes from all over the world.

There is so much to take in for just a one day visit I would strongly suggest a plan of action prior to the event if you want to take advantage of all the incredible minds and industry leaders that are giving talks and seminars throughout the day. The shows are also worth scheduling in as there is a full timetable of bodybuilding and figure competitions on the USN and FitFactor stages.

I particularly enjoyed watching the FitFactor (like X Factor but for buff people with the rather scrumptious Jessie Pavelka instead of Simon Cowell). Now in its 3rd year, Saturday played host to the heats with the big finale on the Sunday. It was great to see Sheffield PT’s Ryan Dack and Katie Ford looking immense on the stage with Ryan going on to win the top spot and Katie coming top 5. I know how hard these guys work so it was great to see their efforts paying off. Well done.

If you love fitness, on any level, you’ll have a great day, there really is something for everyone.
My friend, of her own admission, was indulging in a little husband shopping, her eye firmly fixed on a bronzed Adonis she had been stalking, sorry following on twitter for some time.  Alas, in the space of a few short minutes all dreams and hopes were shattered as the groom-to-be wasn’t quite what she had hoped for when he actually opened his mouth to talk! Awkward. Proof yet again that the world of social media is not to be confused with real life.

The situation was swiftly rectified when we bumped in to the wonderfully bearded Calum Best who ticked all her potential husband criteria. What a nice guy.

There was an abundance of awesome bodies. Massively inspiring! Generally speaking everyone we met was down to earth and actually quite humble, yes; there was a few tool’s but I predict they were just hungry and a little grumpy and was hopeful their attitude was nothing a post event re-feed wouldn’t fix. I’m all for being confident and looking awesome but please; lose the ego.

For those wanting a workout the group X timetable had an impressive array of classes those of you familiar with the fitness events will recognise, from Armageddon to Fight Klub to Booiaka. 30 minute demo slots that invite the delegates to join in. A great chance to showcase group fitness at its best.

A highlight for me was the launch of the Reebok Fitleague that saw over 400 people register and record their scores in a range of disciplines that rank your fitness levels with people all over the world.

We had a full day at the expo and still there is so much we didn’t get chance to see, I will definitely opt for 2 days next year.
All in all one of the best fitness expo’s I have been to. Being consumer facing gave it a fresh energy but still it makes for a very worthwhile networking opportunity for fit pro’s and corporates.
Top marks Body Power!
See you next year.
Stacey x

By Jo De Rosa

Firstly what fun it was to have Rachel stay at Inner Guidance last week! We are on the same page about so many things, and we finally got to meditate together. It’s time now to think about content for my presentation at the Kick Start Fat Loss Lifestyle Event on 7th June….can’t wait!

I am starting to find out that so much that I’ve grown up to believe to be true, is in fact not.

And just because society tells us something is true, we need to not blindly trust but to discover if it is true for us. Buddha taught about his own experience but always sent his followers out to determine their own truth, for what is right for one may not be for another.

Conditioned Behaviour
We all grow up having experienced a different back round. For some swearing at home was allowed whilst others seemed to have much more freedom than everyone else. Whatever our experience it becomes what we would class as ‘normal’, meaning everyone’s normal is different!
In my first serious relationship in my twenties I was verbally abused everyday. I knew this was wrong but put up with it for too many years. It sat uncomfortably with me how someone could call another person such vile names until I met his parents and saw how they treated each other! I was shocked to the core, but suddenly understood how he saw his own behaviour as ‘normal’ because that was all he knew. For him the cycle of verbal abuse will continue until he steps outside of his conditioned response and sees that, in fact, it is not the correct way of treating another human being.

For me when I finally walked away from that relationship, I gave him perhaps his very first signal that all was not well. What he did with the message I will never know, but he will have to go through the process of ‘UnLearning’ if he is to have a truly happy and fulfilling relationship.

Society Tells Us Alcohol Is Fun
Now I bang on about this all the time and I am passionate about changing the way we view alcohol.

It is a toxin. Period.

The news is always about a glass of wine being beneficial for this and that, when the truth is that it kills. Whatever the latest research says there is always a healthier alternative to a glass of wine. Some will disagree with me and that is your prerogative, this is just my opinion, but I would perhaps suggest that you look closely at what society wants us to believe around this subject.

For we have deeply embedded beliefs around how ‘fun’ and ‘relaxing’ drinking can be. But how can something be relaxing when it is actually a stimulant, and fun when it is poisoning us. Doesn’t make sense to me, and I drank til the cows came home up until 18 months ago, when I UnLearnt my drinking beliefs and:

Of course I can still have fun without alcohol!
Of course I can still relax without alcohol!

In fact my life turned around when I stopped drinking. At the ripe old age of 42 I feel younger now, and happier than I ever have before. I would NEVER go back to the booze and a life of anaesthesia.

I say YES to vibrancy, authenticity, and youth!

Bad Nutritional Advice

My father-in-law has a bad back, is in his late 70’s and putting on weight at an alarming rate. On return from his GP he showed us what the doctor has guided him to eat, and it’s the ‘fat is evil’ old-school advice. My husband Dominic (who does all the cooking at our retreat centre) and I have argued with him until we’re blue in the face that this is outdated information and the correct fats are integral to a healthy diet, but he will not budge in what he believes to be true. He is going to have to UnLearn a lifetime set of beliefs to move beyond his weight problems.

I’ve not eaten packaged food and sugar for a long time, but was shocked relatively recently to discover that the natural fruit sugars and raw Nakd bars that I love so much are keeping a layer of unhealthy fat around my waist. I’ve had to work through my own conditioning of what I believe is healthy and watch as my husbands metabolism burns off the fruit effortlessly, whilst mine seems to stand as still as cement! I’m UnLearning the old nutritional beliefs, and embracing greens for breakfast –yum!

Never Enough Money

Up until recently I held this belief, and have struggled financially all of my working life until I UnLearnt the pattern.
We are told by society that “we have to work hard for our money”, and “money doesn’t grow on trees” etc….
But what if by following your passion and living from your heart, you could earn unlimited money and never work a day in your life? This is my new reality. This is what I now believe, “money comes easily and frequently”.


Struggle is part of life yes? “Life is hard”, “why does it always happen to me?”, “it’s not fair”, and the one I always came out with to my parents as a teen, “I didn’t ask to be born!”.

When in a traditional mindset there is a lot of struggle. We hold on to our problems and don’t realise that by doing so we are reinforcing ourselves to the past, and remaining stuck in one place. I did this for years with the abusive relationship: I knew there was more but kept myself in a place of doom and gloom, watched negative programs like EastEnders, and kid myself that by ‘watching someone else’s problems it made mine all the more bearable.’
What an utterly awful way to live, and I did like that for most of my twenties.

Then I realised –through meditation- that I was holding on for dear life, and to be truly free I had to let go and trust that everything was ok. I had to experience a whole range of feelings, experiences, relationships and struggles to become a rounded person. I had to UnLearn the ‘victim’ in me, and instead take responsibility of my beliefs, because:

Beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions are our destiny.?
Now life flows. I have invited acceptance into my day, and made peace with me. The addictive urge has subsided and I have enough money, love, and happiness. And ‘stuff’ still happens to me. I have a disabled mum which I find upsetting, live far from my relatives, and right at this moment a blown pump meaning no hot water in the house. But none of this do I take personally, as I acknowledge that struggle is part of life and doesn’t mean I should give up or feel sorry for myself.  Instead I learn to cope and become stronger because of it.

Meditation Gives Answers

The way I have learnt to UnLearn is through meditation. Towards the end of my meditation sessions I like to bring in a problem/challenge/intention. As once I’m in a calm and connected space then I find it amazing how much clarity I get when asking certain questions. I absolutely know how I feel about a subject when I’m in my internal world, and from here I can make important decisions to get balanced and attuned ready for my day.

Meditation and Manifestation For Beginners

This is what I will be talking about on the 7th June.
HOW to manifest through the connection we find in meditation. I’m so excited!! And off now to plan plan plan what I’m going to share with you!! xx
Let me know what you need to UNLEARN……

Facebook:  InnerGuidance
Twitter:  @Inner_Guidance
Copyright: Jo De Rosa 2014

Who You Gonna Tell?
By Andrew Crawford

Some dude approached me the other day, thrusted a leaflet in my hand and said….”..I’m your party political representative for x party..”

I said …”WTFAY………I didn’t vote for you!!!?”

WTFAY = “…Pray tell me Kind Sir, who has just abruptly interrupted my intelligent flow of conversation with my esteemed work colleague without a written or authorised explicit invitation, from whence hath ye came…… I didn’t vote for you!!!?”

After a 10 min ear bashing, to which none of my questions were answered, he vacated the vicinity.
Moving onto todays’ article…..Have you heard of the ‘Second Incomes Campaign’? I’m Gonna Tell You..!!
The Second Incomes Campaign is an opportunity open to individuals in employment who have an additional untaxed source of income.
The new facility allows those with untaxed income to get up to date with their tax affairs in a simple, straightforward way and take advantage of the best possible terms.

The scope of the Second Incomes Campaign
The Second Incomes Campaign is an opportunity open to individuals in employment who have an additional untaxed source of income.
Examples could include:
fees from consultancy or other services such as public speaking or providing training

payment for organising parties and events or providing entertainment

income from activities such as taxi driving, hairdressing, providing fitness training or landscape gardening

profits from spare time activities such as making and selling craft items

profits from buying and selling goods, for example regular market stalls, boot sales etc

How to take part in the Second Incomes Campaign
To take part in the Second Incomes Campaign you should:
tell HMRC that you want to take part in the Second Incomes Campaign (Notify)

tell HMRC about all income, gains, tax and duties you’ve not previously told them about (Disclose)

make a formal offer

pay what you owe

help HMRC as much as you can if they ask you for more information

To benefit from the reduced penalties offered HMRC will take account of the level to which you have helped them and the accuracy of the information you provided.

How to make a notification and disclosure to HMRC

You must tell HMRC of your intention to make a disclosure. You need to do this as soon as you become aware that you owe tax on your income.
At this stage, you only need to tell HMRC that you will be making a disclosure.
You don’t need to provide any details of the undisclosed income or the tax you believe you owe.
You can tell HMRC about a disclosure you will be making:
about your own tax affairs

on behalf of someone else (for example if you are a tax adviser or personal representative)

Advice : If you know someone in the above category……..Who You Gonna Tell?   Them……………………or Me…!!!??

Andrew James Crawford

Have a wonderful Thursday
Love Always
Rachel xx

Tweet me @RachelHolmes

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