being online & on
social media
is like getting
a crash course in public opinion.


When you’re living your life,
pursuing your
dream & moving forward
it can rattle
I’ve experienced push back this
last week
& I know this is a
reason many people
don’t reach their full potential.


Are you apprehensive about what
others may say about you?


Or to you? (As they did to me on FB!)


Please. Don’t ever be discouraged
from leading from the front & going
after your dreams.


Don’t let the thoughts of what
others may say about you
hold you back.


No one EVER in the history of
the world has been universally loved!


It’s impossible.


Even making  simple choices as
eating clean, cooking from scratch &
getting up 10 minutes earlier to do
a workout can unnerve people
close to you.



“Why are you doing this RADICAL


“A 10min workout is a waste of time


“You will never make an online
business work……….”


blah blah blah BORING!


When I read some particularly unkind
comments on Facebook about me,
it could easily have ruined
my day, upset me or even caused
me to stop me in my tracks.



When you are doing unconventional


When you are breaking the mold.


When you are creating your business.


When you are pushing forward in
personal development.


You HAVE to expect some degree of
push back.


But don’t let it stop you.


If you aren’t making waves
there would be nothing to say!





Happy Tuesday

Love Rachel xxxxx
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