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What’s your take on sugar?

Do you think your addicted?

Do you experience out of control
cravings, that no matter how much
will power you have send your driving
to the 24 hour TESCO at 11pm
for a chocolate fix?

If you stop & go cold turkey find all
your can think about  is sugary foods?

Do you give up for a while then
when the cravings get so strong
give in, only to mentally beat your
self up, feel like a total loser because
you just didn’t have the willpower
to kick it into touch.

Knowing that it makes you feel

but that won’t stop you
a whole box of chocolates/slab
of Galaxy/  etc etc

I’ve been researching sugar for a chapter
in my new book & the evidence is
is compelling.

Numerous studies & research going back
decades proves without shadow of a doubt
that sugar is a highly addictive

Highly addictive.

The government know it.

British Sugar know it.

I suppose it’s not as high on the
priority list as smoking, alcohol
& drugs but it certainly has
serous health implications.

I’m going to make it my crusade to get
the message out via my social
media channels.

And, I’d LOVE to hear about
your sugar habit.

Have you got one?

But once you smash it & that
sugar fog finally lifts from your brain
not only do the inches disappear
and the dress sizes go down….

But a whole new mental
clarity emerges.

Your brain gets sharper.

You are soooo on top of your game.

Worlds can be conquered.

Mountains can be climbed.

And a multitude of niggly health
issues disappear in the
absence of sugar.

Are you up for joining
my KSFL Sugar Addiction Challenge?

Can you help us spread the word?

Head over to my Facebook

Ill be posting tons
of sugar related updates that will educate,
inspire & motivate.

Get involved and lets make change.

Have a wicked sugar free wednesday

Love Rachel xx

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