I’ve been talking to the local
councils around me to use
parks for Pop Up KSFL &
Pilates Workouts.

Taking advantage of the sunshine
& the beautiful open spaces
we have in Notts/Derbyshire.

& to encourage
everyone to experience an
workout with
me is my aim.

When asking on social media
who would be interested in coming
to an outdoors Pop Up Pilates,

I received 100’s of comments,
& likes.

^^^^^^Pilates classes constantly attract
loyal & consistent customers^^^^^^^^

These are your ideal customers,
it doesn’t matter if the football is on,
if its sunny/raining/snowing they
always show up.

They understand if you have to
increase your prices because they get
so much from the session.

They make your class part of their

Fitness Pilates classes are not a passing
trend but here to stay & constantly
packed with people I view, as our ideal

If you don’t teach Pilates yet then
I wholeheartedly would say


Once you are qualified you will
never look back.

If you LOVE helping, inspiring,
educating & motivating then.

Pilates is wonderful to teach.

Infuse your classes with positivity,
& you have the perfect mix.

My affirmation today is from my
gal Gabby B. I still use this book
daily & love the affirmation.

# Repeating new behavior
creates permanent change.

If you really want to change
your mindset. Then practice
your affirmation for 40 days.

This will break any negative
habits that block you from

You will rewire
the neural pathways in your
brain to
create permanent change.

Dig in & Do It!

Commit to the practice &
use your
affirmations daily.

Use your affirmations in your
classes & help your lovely
members & customers
live healthier, happier lives.

Have an inspiring & happy Tuesday.

Love Rachel
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Our next Level 3 Pilates Course
is held in London

4/5/6 July in Clapham

To see all of the details
& booking information

Click here

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