It is an exciting time to be developing
& creating your online fitness business.

Harnessing the power of the various
social media platforms is key to
getting your message out to
more people.

They ALL don’t have to be a massive
time suck if you use them correctly.

So, are you looking at INSTAGRAM

Have you had a look around PINTEREST

PINTEREST used to be the platform
for home redecorating & swapping

But that has all changed.

It’s driving more & more traffic
to YOUR website.

More eyeballs looking at YOUR
products & services.


It’s no where near as involved & time
consuming as Facebook.

Therefore, if you are planning
to create an online service, product
or programme.

Pop over & set yourself up
with a business account.

Get a feel for what is going down
over there.

I’ll be back with some hot
PINTEREST tips to get your
hot of the blocks.

But in the meantime….

Join up & have a play…

You can find me, my pins
& boards if you search

It’s a fantastic way to get new

Happy Pinning & Happy Friday!

Love Rachel xx


I will be opening up my Fitness
Business Academy Coaching Programme
very soon.

All social media platforms will be covering
in depth.

#excitingtimes for Fitness Entrepreneurs

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