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I hope you enjoyed my 5 Top Tips to creating
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The most important and CRUCIAL
& I mean CRUCIAL thing that ALL
budding Fitness Entrepreneurs
must do is…………

Build Your Email List
Having an email list that you regularly
communicate with is the backbone to your business.

Being totally honest with you…

If you don’t have a list.
You don’t have a business.

So, if you REALLY want to get your
online projects off the ground start
building your email list. TODAY.

1: Select a content management system
to deliver your emails & broadcast.

Aweber. MailChimp. Constant Contact
are all great to start with. Choose which one
serves your needs.

2:Create a Sign up box or “opt in” that you can
promote on your Facebook & Twitter
to get the email addresses of interested
customers onto your email database(list).

3:Add all of your existing customers & clients
email addresses to the list.

4:Write REGULAR email/newsletter/broadcast providing tons of
great value content, tips & news
that your customers will LOVE.

5:Build an online relationship through
daily emails, videos or audios connecting
with your list.

You don’t need millions of email addresses to create
a profitable fitness business.

50 – 100 Good quality emails is a BRILLIANT
start & this will grow.

I work on my building my email list every
single day.

It enables you to launch any new product
or service easily to a database of people
who LOVE you & the things you offer.

Does that make sense?

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Have a great day



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