Are you rushing?

Are you packing & cramming as much as you can in?

Are you constantly hurrying about……

Planning your classes, Ordering your tunes,
Constantly Multitasking, Keeping up with trends,
Doing your advertising & PR, Attending courses
PLUS family time, friend time, hobby time?

Everywhere I look & everyone I talk to,
is hurrying about.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

There is never enough time to fit it all in,
so you fall behind, get de-motivated &
have to play the catch up game.


Do you still keep piling it on?

Do you keep adding another thing to your to do list.

Adding more stress.

Agreeing to do things you don’t want to do.

Accepting invitations to places you don’t want to go

Saying Yes to things that don’t make you happy.


Me to!

I just read a WICKED book called The Power of NO
by James & Claudia Altuchur & I LOVED IT.

If you are struggling with hurrying & yet still keep
saying YES to things that really you should say NO to.

You gotta read it!

Let’s start saying NO to stuff that
just doesn’t matter
& focus on the stuff that REALLY matters.

It is THE best time management tip. Period.

Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

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Love Rachel
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