I’ve just done 2 webinars for “my people”
( I love it when fitness folks say that….)

One for the Fitness Business Academy gang
and the other is my regular updates
for the Kick Start Franchisees.

Afterwards one of of the group members
emailed me and said

“How on earth do you keep up your motivation”

she went on to say……

“Especially when you are feeling unconfident,
stale & a bit lost”

It got me thinking – well, over thinking in fact.

In a business where you have to GIVE GIVE GIVE
it’s so easy to get lost and stale and  despondent.

How do you sustain the passion for your fitness business
when the passion has popped out for a bit???

My immediate answer is

You have to set BIGGER goals.

A Bigger, Fatter, Larger, Greater, HUGE goal
that you’re aiming for.

That will keep you busy, excited, consumed &
super uber motivated.


If you woke up feeling lack lustre,
demotivated and so uninspired.


I just did that &  I feel a new person.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS quote from Zig

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” (Zig Ziglar)
Ready. Aim. FIRE!
Happy Monday
Love Rachel x Tweet me @RachelHolmes


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