Does The Fitness Work/Life Balance Exist













As a Fitness Professional how is your work/life balance?
I’m a massive believer that, if you really LOVE what YOU do
there is no such thing as work – Do you agree?

Of course, there are days & weeks when we have just had enough,
those days when you feel burnt out, knackered  & the  thought of saying
“Hey Everyone are you ready to rock……”
Cue Big smile, Click play on you ipod & do ya thang
in front of a class of motivated folks is about as appealing
as swimming the channel in January……..

But when you are living your passion,  helping
people achieve life changing goals, advising others on fitness
diet, health & well being there is nothing more rewarding
& satisfying……..It’s an awesome way to make a living don’t you think?

When you are living your life, you just can’t help having
ideas and inspiration about what you want to do next.
Fitness is such an exciting industry with so many ideas
& avenues to cruise down.
Deciding not to worry too much about this mythical
work/life balance & getting to a place
where work doesn’t feel like a grind…or a chore is a wonderful
position to be in


If you are teaching too many classes & tiredness/injury is becoming
the issue. Cut down and work on your online business.



If you are finding the intense HIIT workouts are becoming a bit
draining train to teach Pilates or Yoga.


If you worry about weekly pay as you go classes change
your business model & get folks to pay for blocks
up front.


Whatever needs a change or a tweak you can do it.

Make your work life more enjoyable and you have the perfect work/life balance.

Have a wicked Sunday & as always I LOVE to hear from you
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