Everyday gives us the opportunity to grow.

Everything that happens during the space of 24 hours
gives us an opportunity to flex our positivity muscles.

Even the most challenging circumstances gives us the
chance to become a more evolved human being.

If you get stuck then listen to your inner guide.

This 100% takes times and practice.

But listen hard because YOU have all the answers
deep down.

The best indicator that
I’m going to have a good day is
when I spring out
of bed early & meditate.

It seems to clear a path for mindfulness,
and compassion,
in addition to sharpening the mind.
Especially when you are feeling chaotic
& scatty.

Now, I am not saying
I am an expert, at all…

I am so not.

But if you keep going & keep trying
you get better,
you get more focussed, you get sharp.

At first,
when you start meditating, even 5 minutes
can feel like infinity,
dragging on and on.

But the more comfortable
with it you become,
the more you’ll enjoy it & reap the benefits.

From Day 37 of a May Cause Miracles,
by Maryanne Williamson One of the most
popular mantras or affirmations is:

“Inner Guide I Welcome You to Show Me Where to go,
What To Say and Where To go”

I LOVE  This affirmation.

When you reaffirm the desire to receive guidance,
you’ll be amazed by the guidance your receive.

ASK and you shall receive.
What do you need to know?

Spread plenty of positivity
today using your social media,
in your workouts, with everyone
you meet and have a
wonderful day.

If you are “NOT feeling it” right now then do a quick workout.

Even 10 minutes will get your positivity juices flowing,
and of course
if you say your affirmation
while you are working out,
you give the MANTRA some serious POWER.

Working out and SAYING YOUR
Affirmations is like putting your
affirmations on steroids!

Give it a GO and see for yourself!.

I’ll be at LIW today so if you are knocking
around the NEC
please say HI!

Wishing you an awesome day and let me know how you
are getting on with your affirmations and #PMA

Love always Rachel xxx

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