Are you ready for the week ahead?


Or is Monday slamming towards you justIMG_9021
a little to fast???

Sunday is a great day for feeling excited
about what the new week will bring.

“Getting back on it”

“Starting afresh”

“Moving on”

“Moving forward”

“Putting into practice lessons
learnt from last week”

It’s an uplifting day.

It’s an optimistic time.

Next week YOU deserve to hit
those goals.

YOU deserve to have everything
your mind can possibly imagine.

****Remember THINK BIG****

If YOU have fallen back into littleness
& thinking small

or perhaps

Negativity and self doubt seem to be filling
your mind just a bit TOO much recently….

Lets put the tin lid on that TODAY & SNAP back into

YOU deserve to have
your wants, needs & desires
all fulfilled.

So, enjoy today & lets
show up tomorrow in full effect.

Ready, Willing & Able
to give it 110%

Participate & be present
all day.

good vibes.

Get ready because Monday is
going to be a BIG DAY!

Lets hit the ground running,
whether its a NEW diet, a NEW
workout, a NEW business idea,
NEW project, a NEW YOU with
a NEW mind set perhaps?

YOU decide?

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lashings of motivation
coming to your in box next week.

DO Tweet me and let me
know what you are up to today.

Love always
Rachel xxx @RachelHolmes


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