I’m away in Turkey
teaching on the incredible fitness week.

It is awesome & I SO wish all of YOU &
my close pals
could all come with me an
experience this magical place.

Anyway, not wanting to make you
all TOOOO jealous…

I wanted to share with you
the question everyone has asked me
this week….which is……drum roll….

“Rach, What do you think IS
going to be THE next big thing
in Fitness”

I can only give you my opinions
& like you I can only teach
& promote projects that I live & breath

Stuff that I’m passionate about

Here is my current  list:

1: Boutique Studios – Specialty studios
for Hot Yoga / Hot Fitness Pilates,
Indoor Cycling, X FIT style, Barre Studio etc.

Specialty studios owned by Savvy
Fitpros who employ & train top quality
Instructors attracting high end clientele
who are happy to pay for
top quality fitness in beautiful venues.

2: Mainstream Meditation – More people are
seeing the benefits of
slowing down to speed up!

I think we will see meditation coming into
Group X so much more & 30 minute
Meditation classes springing up
as the general public get interested & see the benefits.

3: Hot Fitness Pilates – Kelly & I
have been working on this for a while
now and the interest has been immense
I predict this going hand in hand
with Boutique studios.

4: Branded programmes like Insanity etc – YEP
there will be plenty more
coming down the line from BeachBody
& branded programmes
will keep on on coming.

It will be up to you if you decide to
jump on board or create your own
signature / niche programmes & workouts.

Our one true mission in life is to feel good.

Teach and promote what you love.

Use your unique expertise to help others.

If you can get yourself to that point,
everything else is easy & you don’t need
to keep chasing the next trend…..

What do you think?

I’d Love to hear from you as always
Tweet me @RachelHolmes

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Love Rachel xxx

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